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Feb. 21, 1908

February 21, 2008 |  5:58 am


Above, meet Charles West, who says: "I have never treated my wife very mean, although I slapped her a couple of times when I thought she needed it." Below, mayhem on 3rd Street when a piano mover ties a horse-pulled rig to the rear of his Bekins wagon--and the front team of horses makes a mad dash toward Spring, dragging both wagons down the street ...   Distress in Long Beach over the collapse of a bank ... Mrs. J.P. Morgan visits Southern California ... A prisoner receives an inheritance from his mother--but can't get out of jail to collect it. He was charged with breaking into offices in the Bradbury Building and stealing postage stamps ... And the Anti-Cigarette Society asks the Board of Education to encourage students not to smoke.


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