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Feb. 12, 1908

February 12, 2008 |  7:42 am



Officials relent and decide that the Japanese community is welcome to take part in the celebration of the Great White Fleet's arrival ... (Note that Gen. H.G. Otis is involved in planning the celebration) ... A heroic driver risks his life to keep his runaway team of horses from crashing into a streetcar ... Robbers beat Lum Sing, who was on his way to celebrate the new year in Chinatown ... Behold the Franklin automobile, with its air-cooled engine. No need to waste gas carrying water to cool the motor, as in other cars.

[Click here to read the page at full size: Download 1908_0212_page.jpg]

Quote of the day: "This action of the little brown men is expected to have its quickening effect on the raising of funds from the white population. The Japanese are very thorough when it comes to collecting money." Los Angeles Times, on allowing the Japanese community to take part in welcoming the Great White Fleet



Click here to read the page at full size: Download 1908_0212_page.jpg

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