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Larry Harnisch reflects on Los Angeles history

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Feb. 1, 1938



Harry Raymond undergoes surgery to remove more bomb fragments ... Times columnist E.V. Durling, an institution of the 1930s, urges restraint in deciding whether the LAPD was involved in the Raymond case   ... Sheriff Eugene Biscailuz poses for a gag picture with a very tall visitor ... Sordid details emerge in the Paul Wright murder case (note the reference to the finding his wife and friend "in an intimate pose." The papers of the day had to sanitize what the victims were doing when they were shot) ... And the former chairman of the Board of Supervisors pleads guilty to tax evasion ...

Quote of the day: Nonsmokers are continually complaining of the lack of courtesy on part of smokers. Yet nonsmokers will clutter up streetcar seats assigned for smokers rather than take a few more steps to the nonsmoking section. Bigger and better consideration of other people's rights would help make the world a more pleasant place to live. --Times columnist E.V. Durling



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