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Raymond bombing

Mayor Frank Shaw says he has the "utmost confidence" in the LAPD's investigation of the Harry Raymond bombing. He also says there is no evidence of police involvement in the blast ... Allegations of police corruption in Arcadia ... The U.S. Embassy in Nanking protests actions by Japanese soldiers--to no avail ... How to keep women happy ... And a man attempting suicide jumps from the eighth floor of the Pacific Electric Building, 610 S. Main, but is uninjured when his fall is broken by the wire mesh in a glass skylight.

Historic note: One of Mayor Fletcher Bowron's first acts after defeating Shaw in the 1938 recall election was to demand the resignation of more than 100 Shaw appointees.



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Comments (2)

This is too good.

"Asked if he thought [LAPD captain Kynette and officer Draper, charged with illegal wiretapping] should be suspended, the Mayor said he did not."

""I believe they might be relieved of duty pending the outcome of the charges, but suspension is too serious a thing to be indulged in until all of the facts are known," [Shaw] said."

Kynette and Draper, sworn LAPD officers, had already clearly demonstrated that they were not going to be of any assistance to getting the facts known about an attempt to assassinate a man they had wiretapped and under surveillance.

But that is nothing that should warrant such an extreme action like suspension from duty according to this Mayor.

Loved Shaw's Hitler mustache.

I personally liked the "Feminine Happiness" article. Ah, those were the days!


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