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Larry Harnisch reflects on Los Angeles history

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Jan. 30, 1958
Los Angeles

Recognize these young movie stars? I read about lots of Hollywood marriages as I go through the old papers--and even more Hollywood divorces. So as Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward celebrate their 50th anniversary, I thought I'd run a few pictures from the early days.





Los Angeles Times file photograph

Woodward and Newman in "The Long, Hot Summer," 1958.

Los Angeles Times file photo

Newman (reviewing the script of "Rally Round the Flag, Boys") and Woodward at home, November 1958.

Los Angeles Times file photo

Newman and Woodward--isn't this a great picture? (Even though it's unidentified). A reader tells me this is a scene in "From the Terrace."

Photograph by the Los Angeles Times

Woodward and Newman arrive for the 1962 Academy Awards, when he was a nominee for his role in "The Hustler."

Photograph by R.O. Oliver / Los Angeles Times

Woodward and Newman at the funeral of Jerry Wald, producer of "The Long, Hot Summer," 1962.

Photograph by Fitzgerald Whitney / Los Angeles Times

Newman and Woodward arrive for the 1969 Academy Awards,  when "Rachel, Rachel" (produced by Newman) was a contender for best picture and Woodward was nominated for best actress.

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Comments (3)

To complete the story, you need a picture of them NOW.
Hard to believe he's in his 80s.

We will miss you, Paul!

Everytime I have a moment to sit down from this crazy world and view one of Paul Newman's wonderful movies, tears forever flow because my stepfather, David B. Whetstone, was the spittin' image of Mr. Newman. In the late 60's, he won a look alike contest in Oklahoma. It was awesome to have a stepfather who looked like a movie star.

Unfortunately, my stepfather was murdered and I am no longer able to see his face. But sometimes I look at photo's of him and compare them to Mr. Newman's. Then I watch the movies and feel my stepfather's spirit. I will miss both of them. They were both important people in this world and my life.

I hope that Ms. Woodward has peace in knowing that Mr. Newman is no longer in pain and that his movies, along with hers continue to play an important part in people's lives. And maybe someday, my stepfather's killer or killers will be found and brought to justice.


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