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Matt Weinstock

January 16, 2008 |  6:46 pm

Jan. 16, 1958

Matt_weinstockd Fellow beer drinkers, we've got a crisis bubbling over right in front of us.

Before we call in the United Nations, let's give it a brief rundown.

Plans have been going ahead, more or less quietly, for the California Brewers Festival, April 7-12. Nothing fancy. That is, no dancing in the streets. Maybe proclamations by the governor and mayor. And some editorials and store displays pointing out that California breweries have an annual payroll of $44,000,000, that 70,000 persons depend on the industry for their livelihood, that the per capita annual consumption is 14.1 gallons. Stuff like that.

And then the agonizing word filtered through a few days ago that a temperance outfit was more or less quietly planning to call attention to the virtues of abstinence that same week, April 7-12.

Oh, I tell you, the brewery people are agulp.

But there need be no alarm. After all, it's the era of compromise. Why not combine the two, with the beer people reminding the temperance people that eerbay is the beverage of moderation.

the boys on the copy desk came up with a provocative thought. What is Sir Winston himself took a plane and appeared at Malibu Justice Court at 2 p.m. today to defend his daughter Sarah on a charge of intoxication.

After all, Winnie has not only been known to sip a little brandy but also has uttered that imperishable line, "There'll always be an England," so eloquently declaimed by Sarah when she got jammed up.

Furthermore, Winnie speaks real good as (like) a former prime minister should.

1958_0117_churchill ONLY IN L.A.--Someone broke the streetlight in front of artist Julie Byrne's home and she reported it to someone at City Hall. That afternoon a truck with two men appeared and installed a new globe. But when darkness came, no light.

Around 10 p.m., however, another city truck stopped, two more men got out, hoisted a ladder and screwed in a bulb. Julie asked how come.

Maybe he was joking but the bulb screwer inner said, "Oh, the fellows who put in the globes aren't supposed to put in the bulbs."

THE PARENTS of David John Irwin, 2, have been trying to teach him the importance of keeping his word. The other day his mother, Peggy, sharply called his attention to a promise he'd broken. He remained thoughtfully silent so she repeated, "Did you understand me? -- I said you broke your promise."

"Okay," he shrugged, "fix it, mommy."

THE GARDENA Valley News, in an editorial on the election in April which will decide whether the card clubs will be outlawed, had this enchanting line, "We appeal to both sides in the controversy to keep the fight honest and fair, not confuse the voters any more than possible...."

AROUND TOWN -- As a woman driver in front of him put out her hand, the driver of an Olympic Boulevard bus said to a passenger, "The only thing I'm sure of when a woman makes a hand signal is that the window is open"... In discussing newly married friends, William Miranda was overheard malapropping that they were so happy they were in a "transom" ... The fear that has haunted Marjean Haven as she drives over desolate Chevy Chase Drive after dark was realized the other night at 11:30 p.m.--a flat tire. Panicky, she started climbing the grade in her high heels when a motorist stopped and offered help. This sweet guy drove her back to her car, put on the spare, then, in answer to her inquiry, gave his name --Sour. Or more likely, Sauer.