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Larry Harnisch reflects on Los Angeles history

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Jan. 12, 1908

A feud between millionaire James Irvine and his neighbors involving access to land ends up in court ... a dispute over the harbor... political influence and graft ... and a man recovering at home from brain surgery to remove a bullet.


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It would appear that the Los Angeles Times did not honor the Sabbath in 1908.

It would also appear that the Sunday Los Angeles Times was the same price (5 cents) as the Los Angeles Times of the rest of the week. 5 cents is calculated to be the equivalent of $1.04 in 2006 money. Much more expensive that now although the newspaper market had to have been more competitive in 1908.

--The Times has traditionally published seven days a week, like all morning dailies. The Mirror, like all afternoon papers, didn't publish on Sundays.

--The price was the same all week and that's interesting. I'm not sure when that changed.

--Remember: I'm not posting the front page of The Times. I'm posting the front of the second section, which had the local news. In 1908, the front page carried national and foreign news almost without exception and is far less relevant today than what was going on locally.


The name Irvine does ring a bell. No?

I don't think duck hunting is now allowed in the environs of "Upper Bay near Newport".

It would probably be a moot point because I don't think there are any wild ducks left in the area. Massive redevelopment and all that.


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