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Stars and Bars

Jan. 17, 1958


The Daily Mirror salutes insurance salesman Harold Alonzo Franklin, who on Jan. 4, 1964, became the first African American to register at Auburn University in 108 years. Franklin was seeking a master's degree in history. (Bonus fact: Henry Harris was signed as Auburn's first African American athlete March 14, 1968). As far as I can determine from Google, Auburn no longer celebrates Robert E. Lee's birthday. Update: In fact, according to Auburn's academic calendar, the school celebrates Martin Luther King Day instead.

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Comments (6)

They don't celebrate Paul "Bear" Bryant's birthday, either... Roll Tide!

Thanks goodness they don't and thanks for the historical note.

no we should not celebrate, But we should take note . after all the civil war was one of the most costly wars in History. Not just money wise , but in bringing the union together. by the way keep up your great work about our historical past



Well ,By God the Great State of Alabama still honors it's history.

Hope you all had a great Robert E. Lee Day !!

Nothing like celebrating being a traitor to ones country.

Makes me wonder if the young lady had ever heard of Tom Lehrer's wistful ditty "I Wanna Go Back To Dixie"? ("Old times there are not forgotten/Whippin' slaves and pickin' cotton...") Just an idle thought...


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