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Found on EBay



This is even better than the Pacific Electric detective badge: An envelope addressed to my old friend Victor Segno!

Segno was an early 20th century mentalist who conned people into sending him $1 a month in exchange for a daily "success wave" sent telepathically around the world.

No, I mean it.


I already wrote about him for the 1947project, so I won't rehash it all.  But he is an amazing character. In addition to  "The Law of Mentalism," of 1902, he wrote "How to Be Happy, Though Married" and "How to Have Beautiful Hair."


Professor A. Victor Segno transmitting a global success wave. Note the beautiful hair.

A few of Segno's books have apparently been reprinted and he continues to generate some interest, though, thankfully, not much. People who have read his works occasionally find me through Google and ask me if I think he was legitimate. Of course not! He was an utter fake. But a really amusing one.

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