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Mystery photo


Los Angeles Times file photo

Here's a vintage photo of our mystery guest. Some artist at The Times cut it down years ago, but left part of the autograph intact. And yes, I cropped out the signature. No point in making this too easy.

  • Mary Pickford? (Interesting guess. But no).
  • Julian Eltinge? (Carol Gwenn). Absolutely right! Bravo

This is Julian Eltinge, the leading female impersonator of his day.

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Evelynn Nesbit?

Re: mystery photo: Julian Eltinge?

--Very good! You beat the second person by just a few minutes!


Thanks for the trip down memory lane.
I was first drawn to your blog from the Edward Weston coverage.
As a person born in 1957, I was imagining my parents watching the 1958 Rose Parade of your posted photos with me there as a 6 month old.
Also, thanks for your photo of L.A. City Hall from 1964. I originally went on to to see if there were any other photos of City Hall (from the print copy of the California section article on City Hall as movie location), but the only one I saw was yours. Great image, good work.

--Thanks! I hope you enjoy reading the blog as much as I have putting it together....



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