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Mystery photo


Photograph by Ken Dare / Los Angeles Times

What famous person is missing from this 1963 photo of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin?
  • Peter Lawford? An excellent guess! (But no).
  • JFK, Joey Bishop or Sammy Davis Jr? All good guesses! (But no).
  • John Wayne or Ronald Reagan? (Sorry, no).
  • Johnny Carson? That's someone I hadn't expected! (But no).
  • Rock Hudson? Aha. That's someone else I hadn't anticipated. (Sorry, no).
  • Elvis Presley? Wow wouldn't that have been an interesting group? (Too bad, though. No).
  • Sandy Koufax, Don Rickles, Bobby Kennedy? Ken Odessky. (OK, I'll take that. Sandy Koufax).


Photograph by Ken Dare / Los Angeles Times

Frank Sinatra, Sandy Koufax and Dean Martin at a fund-raiser for the Boy Scouts on Dec. 4, 1963, at Hillcrest Country Club. Koufax was roasted mercilessly by Sinatra, Martin, Danny Kaye, Jack Benny, Phil Silvers, George Burns and Lou Holtz. In just about the only printable comment of the evening, George Jessel called Koufax, "Without question, the most important Hebrew athlete since Samson." 


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Comments (3)

He's too big to be Sammy, it's probably not Kennedy, because Dean didn't do politics. Another hint maybe? A Los Angeles famous person or a "real" famous person?

--There will be more hints as the week unfolds. Stay tuned!


Wait! Is it John Wayne? Ronald Reagan?

-- Great guesses!

(But no).


Frank, Jr. was kidnapped four days later.


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