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Larry Harnisch reflects on Los Angeles history

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Santa Claus Lane

Stroll with the Daily Mirror down Santa Claus Lane on Hollywood Boulevard.


Photograph by Clay Willcockson / Los Angeles Times
Hollywood Boulevard, Nov. 22, 1950

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Photograph by Aug. Balbi

Here's the earliest photo of Santa Claus Lane that I could find in the archives, from 1929.

And this cameo is from 1930.

Hollywood Boulevard, decorated for Christmas, as seen in 1934.


The large Christmas trees used to decorate the street lamps on Hollywood Boulevard changed frequently.
Here's the 1937 design being installed by Carl Bush.


And this is the design from 1945, in which Earl Carroll dancer Loretta Swanson fills an oversized stocking.

Of course, people came to see the floats, the performers and the movie stars in the annual parade.


Photograph by Harry Chase / Los Angeles Times
Here's an enthusiastic crowd from 1958.

Here's a Latin-themed float from 1961.

Photograph by Wayne E. Kelly / Los Angeles Times
And a 1961 float decorated with candy, which was given to the children at the Hollygrove home after the parade.

Photograph by Jack Gaunt / Los Angeles Times
Sometimes the floats had contemporary themes, like this Space Age float from 1969.

But others featured the timeless appeal of young women.


Photograph by Jack Gaunt / Los Angeles Times
This 1967 float features one young lady identified as Miss Liberty and another identified as Miss Liberty Belle.

Photograph by Montney / Los Angeles Times
This 1971 photo of the Queen of Queens features Bikini Princess (Suzanne Stonich), Mannequin of Mannequins (Regina Shermer), Lady of Ladies (Patty Long), Miss of Misses (Rosemarie Wolff) and Israel (Jacquelyn Goldwater).

Photograph by Bob Lindbeck / Los Angeles Times 
There were bands and drill teams, like the Barbarettes of Santa Barabara, in 1964.

And movie stars!


Photograph by Cliff Otto / Los Angeles Times
The crowd at Hollywood and Vine, 1961.


Photograph by Terrell / Los Angeles Times
Here's Leo Carrillo, meeting Santa Claus (William MacInnis) in 1937.

And Eddie Cantor with his grandchildren in 1949.

Photograph by Harry Chase / The Los Angeles Times

And as always, the crowd, like these folks in 1959, cheered....


Photograph by Joe Kennedy / The Los Angeles Times
Santa Claus (Burt Lange) from 1960.

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