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Larry Harnisch reflects on Los Angeles history

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Nov. 22, 1963


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(Larry and I have discussed this before....)
The Times published this extra...followed by a 2--deck
"Kennedy Dead!" extra....followed by a one line
"Kennedy Dead," Saturday preview edition (two versions).
(We're trying to figure out if the Times actually published an edition that said the president was shot or wounded. It might have been mocked up, but never made it to the presses. If anybody has some info on that one, please contact us!) The above pictured edition was actually the second of this type. An earlier one was exactly the same, but had an awkward/smiling photo of Kennedy that, I'm sure, the editors deemed a bit inappropriate, but was probably put there in haste.
By the way, the Herald-Examiner published 7 Kennedy extra editions...
4--Night Finals, followed by 8-Star, Sunset, & Starlight.
My favorite might be the New York World-Telegram & Sun....."President Shot Dead"--in huge 4--inch type. Quite an eye-catcher.

I was working at the Herald-Examiner in composing room the June night that Bobby Kennedy was shot at the Ambassador Hotel. I was finishing Page One, and starting to roll it to get a press plate made to start the press run, when an editor came running down from Editorial telling me to hold the page as Kennedy had just been shot. The Production Manager on duty told me to roll the page and we would follow it with an EXTRA 'chaser' with a 96 point banner and a bulletin about the shooting ASAP. The editor said, "No, hold the page,' and soon they began to fight, finally rolling around on the composing floor. Since I was working for the production dept., I rolled the page and we put out an extra about 5 minutes later. Quite an exciting night for me. It was the 1st time that I ever saw two men, in dress shirts and ties get into a fight at the office. Those old newspaper days are long gone. Too bad.

Yer pal, Bill Hilser


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