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Mickey Cohen's Caddy

November 15, 2007 |  6:24 am

Michael "Mickey" Cohen needed a new bulletproof Cadillac for several reasons: His home was bombed in February 1950 and his previous Cadillac acquired some bullet holes outside Sherry's  Restaurant, 9039 Sunset Blvd., on July 20, 1949.


Photograph by Clay Willcockson / Los Angeles Times


Photograph by Clay Willcockson / Los Angeles Times
Later that day, outside Sherry's. (Sorry about the seam down the middle. This is what happens when I scan in a huge print and have to paste the halves together).


Mickey_cohen_sherrys_1949_0721_lat Los Angles Times
Where the gunmen hid.

Los Angeles Times

Two days later, Mickey was recuperating by reading Aggie Underwood's "Newspaperwoman."