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At the Coliseum

November 29, 2007 |  3:08 pm

Brian Hanrahan, one of my friends at the website, asks if there are any historic pictures of the Coliseum at the Daily Mirror HQ.

The answer is "of course." In fact, here's a photo showing Los Angeles police officers at the Coliseum.


Photograph by the Los Angeles Times
Here are Mayor Porter (in the white suit) and Police Chief Steckel inspecting LAPD officers on May 23, 1933.


Photograph by the Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles County Supervisor Beaty and Sheriff's Capt. Cannon inspect new Harley-Davidson motorcycles (with an amazing innovation: front-wheel brakes) at the Coliseum, Jan. 12, 1928.



And here are some images of the Coliseum from the Olympics. No, not the 1984 Olympics, the 1932 Olympics! These photos are from a large series of pictures published in Germany in the 1930s.



And another view


And here's a mystery photo. Who is this distinguished-looking gent in the VIP box?

  • Avery Brundage? Interesting guess. But no.
  • Gov. James "Sunny Jim" Rolph Jr.? Very interesting guess. (But no).