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The rules of the game

October 27, 2007 |  7:10 am

Oct. 27, 1957

Here I am, giving away the punchline of a "Nancy" comic. My bad. Which reminds me of a game called "Five Card Nancy" that I learned about from Kim Cooper of 47p.



Five Card Nancy works like this: Prepare a deck of random "Nancy" panels. Shuffle the cards and deal five cards to each player. Pick a single panel from the deck and turn it face up. This is Panel 1. Moving clockwise, each player selects a card that would make a good "next panel." The other players judge whether it is a good panel. If it isn't, the player has to take it back. Players who don't have a good card may "pass." The first player to get rid of all five cards "wins." In case of a tie, each player takes five cards and selects one for a new final panel.

Below, "Nancy," Jan. 26, 1957. Here's to you, Ernie Bushmiller!