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October 28, 2007 | 11:10 am


Photograph by Larry Harnisch / Los Angeles Times
1116 S. 10th Ave., Arcadia, Calif., Oct. 28, 2007.  Arcadia Police Officer Harry Sessor was wounded when he responded to an incident at 1116 1/2 S. 10th involving Ernest Edward Yeager.  Yeager was shot by Monrovia Police Officer Lewis E. Bornt. 


Oct. 28, 1957
Los Angeles

This husband and wife are fighting one night and the husband gets a .22. He starts shooting up the house and the wife, she runs out and calls the Arcadia PD. A unit gets there and they call for backup. A unit from the Monrovia PD and six units from the sheriff's Temple City Station show up. And more units from Arcadia. 

The door is open, so the Monrovia officer points his service revolver through the door and tells the husband to drop the gun and give himself up. The guy is sitting on the couch. He starts shooting and hits one of the Arcadia officers in the lower right leg.

The guy comes out of the house still firing the .22, so the Monrovia officer shoots him in the chest.

The Arcadia cop goes to the hospital, he's treated, he's released. The husband is in good condition at the hospital--same hospital as the wounded cop.

Went nuts, I guess.

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