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Mystery photo

OK, the other mystery photos have been "who" questions. This is a "where" question. And just to make it fun, be precise as to the location.

And of course, everyone in L.A. will recognize the source of the quote, right?


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Comments (5)

McArthur park, sidewalk terrazzo on the lake, Raymond Chandler quote.

--Very good.

--And where is exactly is the quote from?


The quote is from Raymond Chandler's "Farewell My Lovely," filmed by Edward Dymytrk as "Murder My Sweet."

--It's certainly in the 1975 version with Robert Mitchum. And in the novel.

--Interestingly enough, the line previously appeared (judging by Internet sources, anyway) in "Killer in the Rain," which ends with a quote about a 1st Street tunnel (which raises another point because the big tunnel is on 2nd Street, with a smaller one on 3rd Street).

--The quote is: "I thought he was as crazy as a pair of waltzing mice, but I liked him."

--And the quote on the tunnel is: "I started the car and drove west along First Street, through a long echoing tunnel. When we were out of that, M'Gee said: 'Next time I send you a client I won't expect you to snitch on him, boy.' "


Ah, you're right - "waltzing mice" is in the Robert Mitchum "Farewell My Lovely," where Marlowe describes Moose Malloy. In my Sunday fog, I placed it in the famous "most beautiful bed in the world" speech, so I heard Dick Powell saying it. Did they by chance import it to that speech in "Murder My Sweet"? Have to snag a copy and check.

--Hey this is excellent. Thanks, mystery guest.


The image is of an inlay on a sidewalk along the lake in MacArthur Park, off Wilshire Blvd.

--You are absolutely right...

--Any ideas about the granite marker with the image of the boxers?



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