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October 4, 2007 |  7:51 am



Oct. 4, 1957
Los Angeles

I've read any number of horrible stories in the old papers, but this is one of the worst in terms of senseless tragedy. The facts, such as they are, don't even begin to explain what happened. But then how can anyone explain absolute madness?

1957_1004_mugs Allene Hall Durston, 58, was dying of bone cancer. Of all the people in the world,  the person she loved the most was her grandson Ronald "Ronnie" Barrett White, who lived with his parents, Evelyn and Thomas, and a younger sister at 6836 Sylvia Ave., Reseda.

She had been living with the family until July 24, when she kidnapped Ronnie and left a note for her daughter, Evelyn Durston White, saying that she was "taking the boy for my own" and "going on a long trip." Police found Allene and her grandson in a taxi an hour later. She wasn't charged, but her relatives told her to move out. First, she lived at 6410 Van Nuys Blvd., and then she moved to a motel on Ventura Boulevard.

Evelyn said she sent Ronnie to school at 8:45 that morning with 40 cents in his pocket. On his way to Shirley Avenue Elementary School, Allene apparently intercepted him. One of his friends, Danny McDonald, came by at noon to see why Ronnie hadn't been in school. A search was begun for Ronnie and his grandmother. But by then it was too late.

Somehow, she found a vacant house at 6337 Topanga Canyon Blvd. Allene Durston, who loved Ronnie "above every human on earth," according to his mother, led him to an upstairs bedroom and shot him twice in the back.

Then she shot herself. The first one didn't do the job, so she shot herself again. Police found a note on her body. It was a letter Ronnie had written back in December, telling her what he wanted for Christmas.

Evelyn told police that her mother had a "suicide complex" and had been talking for years about killing herself. Apparently no one ever took her seriously. "I never dreamed she would do this to him," Evelyn said.

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