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Back to school



Aug. 28, 1957
Los Angeles

It's almost time for school to open, parents, so here's some tips in shopping for new clothes. And there's lots to cheer about!

"Boys are turning their backs on the sloppy, bizarre clothing fads that once had parents and teachers alike in a state of shock," says Bill Holzhauser, men's fashion editor at the Mirror. "This year, when they answer the school bell, most of them will be dressing right in neater and more handsome outfits."



What's in for boys? Think Ivy League. The lads have come to their senses and are starting to abandon those awful, scruffy blue jeans, thank heavens, in favor of neat, trim Ivy League trousers--at least for school. "Cavalry twill trousers styled in the Ivy fashion" are selling well, stores report.

And if your boys are hard on their clothes (aren't they all?) try the miracle Klondike cloth. It's the toughest fabric known to mankind and was developed for the Army, which knows a few things about back to school wear, especially in Little Rock, Ark.!

Shirts go Ivy as well, in plaids and checks with button-down collars, and complete the look with a bulky, shapeless cardigan sweater!

This year's fashion crime for boys: Long coats are in. The Eisenhower jacket is as dead as Mussolini!



For girls, think Chanel, says Jean Gallagher, the Mirror's fashion editor:

"Dresses with complementary Orlon or wool sweaters (often trimmed with appliques of the dress fabric) should be popular with the littlest set. So should plaid cotton dresses and jumpers of all types.

"With high school girls, the influence is that of the easy, casual attitude initiated by French designer Chanel. This means jackets with square shoulders worn open over blouses or sweaters... pleated skirts...brass buttons and gobs of golden chain jewelry."

And moms, don't forget "Gimmick belts with all kinds of dangles, sloppy Joe Shetland sweaters, pop-it pearls that are dyed to match sweater colors and anything nautical."



Above, what the smartly dressed teens of Little Rock, Ark.'s Central High are wearing back to school.

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