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Larry Harnisch reflects on Los Angeles history

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Fashion notes

Aug. 8, 1957
Los Angeles

Los Angeles men: You're slobs, surpassed only by your male counterparts in Houston and Fort Worth. You should let your wives pick out your clothes, or so says Francis DeWitt Pratt of the American Institute of Men's and Boys' Wear.

And this is in the day when the average corporate president in America owned 14.3 suits, 29 shirts, 30 pairs of socks, 10 pairs of shoes, four hats, 65 neckties, two overcoats, two topcoats, 1.5 raincoats, 3.9 sports coats, seven sets of cuff links and 5.8 pairs of pajamas.

Long before a battered baseball cap and a fanny pack were the height of men's fashions.


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