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We get queries

July 11, 2007 | 11:06 am

Someone keeps landing on the blog because they're trying to find out when the palm trees were planted on Sherman Way.

Luckily, I have Proquest at hand, so let's see.

Hm. Someone apparently didn't like the palms because they were cutting them down, according to a 1985 story. Apparently half a dozen 60-foot Mexican palms disappeared one weekend from the south side of Sherman Way between Balboa Boulevard and Louise Avenue.

In 1970, Councilman Donald Lorenzen fought to save the 40-year-old palms on Sherman Way in Winnetka when a gasoline company sought to cut some of them down for access to a service station. Lorenzen sounds like a colorful character who was good for quotes. He apparently once said that homeowners had been against been against progress "since they drove the Indians out of the Encino hillsides."

A 1962 story says the palm trees were planted on Sherman Way in 1932. "We were trying to imitate Pasadena," according to Dick Speer of the Canoga Park Chamber of Commerce.

And here, in 1935, palm trees about to be planted.



Bonus facts: Antonio Sanchez was killed in 1959 when he crashed into a palm tree at Sherman Way and Sepulveda Boulevard. In 1953, Dorothy Roberts was killed when she hit a palm tree at Sherman Way and Haskell Avenue. In 1942, a car full of youths overturned while circling a palm tree in the 15100 block of Sherman Way, killing 12-year-old Ronald Case.

There ya go.

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