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Matt Weinstock

July 8, 2007 |  3:18 pm

Matt_weinstockd_2 July 8, 1957

Readers may have noticed that, except when vital to the story, this paper no longer uses the names of victims of rapists.

The policy was prompted by the editors' opinion that printing these names only added to the grief of the women innocently involved. And, except in unusual cases, names of juveniles who get into trouble have always been deleted.

There's evidence that the distress that comes later can be almost as bad as the terror and indignity of the incident itself.

Not long ago a woman of 21 was sitting in a parked car with a young man. They were suddenly set upon by five youths who viciously beat the young man and forced the young woman to submit. The names of the couple were used at the time.

Four of the five assailants were later arrested and will receive the punishment they deserve.

But life has become miserable for the girl, the innocent victim in the case. She is the object of vile gossip and sidelong glances, even by friends--a shameful thing.