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Hipperson suspect

July 9, 2007 |  5:28 am



1957_0709_boyerJuly 9, 1957
Los Angeles

Detectives investigating the killing of nurse Marjorie Hipperson are questioning a con artist with ulcers who was an orderly at Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital, where Hipperson and her fiance, Dr. Walter Deike, worked.

Monte Melvin Krier, 29, who is being held on forgery charges in the prison ward of General Hospital, says he knew Hipperson and saw her on the day she was killed. He says he left Hollywood Presbyterian shortly after the  slaying out of fear of the police.  "I quit my job because I knew they were going to find out about my record," said Krier, who had served a total of 11 years in prison for forgery and burglary.

"Miss Hiperson was a very friendly girl," Krier said. "We had lunch several times and we talked quite a bit while we were working. The last time I saw her was the day she was murdered."

Krier reluctantly admitted that he knew where Hipperson lived because both of them had gotten a ride home from work with a fellow employee.

After he was arrested on the forgery charges ("I have a champagne appetite with a beer pocketbook," he said) detectives began questioning him in the Hipperson case. "They fingerprinted me twice," Krier said. "They thought my palm print matched ones found in the apartment but now I think they have cleared me."

(Krier's con worked this way: He would check into a hospital for ulcers, then write hot checks for jewelry and clothing  to merchants who assumed he was trustworthy because he was in a hospital. When he got enough merchandise, he skipped out of the hospital).

Detectives are also investigating an attack on Carol Boyer, 24, 2113 N. Rodney Drive in Los Feliz, who fought off a man who attacked her with a pipe about 4:30 a.m. while she slept. Neighbors say the attacker had canvassed the apartment building two weeks earlier by posing as a census taker seeking information on single people.

Police also arrested  Conrado Hernandez, 44, 9339 S. Western Ave., after firing a warning shot as he was allegedly breaking into a home at 416 N. Orange Grove Ave

Monte Krier died Jan. 4, 1998, in Los Angeles. He was 69, according to California death records.

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