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Matt Weinstock

June 22, 2007 |  5:02 pm

Matt_weinstockd June 22, 1957

By now, presumably, people who voted for the $40,000,000 bond issue to extend the city's park and recreation system and expand the zoo know that $2,000,000 of the money will go for roads into Chavez Ravine, where someday the Brooklyn Dodgers may have a ballpark.

Apparently many of them didn't know it on election day.

In fact, they were unaware of this allocation until the matter came before the City Council this week and was steam-rollered through there too.

Suddenly, indignation has taken hold.

A woman writes:

"I can't figure the voters. Maybe they live in boxcars and pay no taxes. Maybe their kids can pick up the tab. My husband and I sweat blood to get our house paid for. But, oh boy, we've got to have more taxes, no matter how unjustified, just so the politicians can take a bow on bringing major league baseball to Los Angeles. I feel like a dancing bear with a ring through my nose."

Another letter:

"That was a real sneaky job, letting the taxpayers foot part of the bill to bring the Brooklyn Dodgers, a private, moneymaking enterprise, to Los Angeles."


"No one has asked my opinion about the baseball situation in L.A. But here it is: Dodgers go home!"

ONE OF THE big problems of the day is what's going to happen to backyard incinerators when they're outlawed.

The other day, G.B., a Hollywood apartment dweller, put the question to the landlady:

"I'm going to leave it exactly as it is," she said firmly. "About the time I'd get it torn down the Supreme Court will declare the law unconstitutional. I figure the people who make incinerators aren't going to give up without a fight. They'll take their case to the highest court in the land."