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Matt Weinstock

Matt_weinstockd June 15, 1957

It can now be revealed that a dark plot against the Stanfords by the Uclans--an offshoot of the feuding between the two universities as a result of PCC [Pacific Coast Conference] penalties--has been inadvertently thwarted.

Not long ago, Bob Kennedy, a Stanford alumnus in the floor covering business in Westwood, was commissioned to supply carpeting for the Stanford office at 621 S. Hope St., where the university's president, trustees and fundraisers meet.

A number of samples were shown, but for price and quality a beautiful job which could be dyed any color was outstanding.

However, the conservative Indians [Note: Stanford's former mascot, abandoned in the 1970s--lrh] decided it was too lush and selected a slightly cheaper pattern, thereby innocently averting future embarrassment.

It seems that Kennedy's business partners are UCLA grads and they'd planned to treat the white rug in the dyeing process so that in about six months the letters UCLA would appear right in the middle.

ONLY IN PURE L.A. -- A cabby told it to reporter Frank Laro:

Two men got into his cab and asked if he could take them to a place where there were some women. (By the way, this is a frequent request and one fraught with peril).

The cabby cagily drove them to Hollywood Cemetery, handed them the fat taxi tab and said:

"There they are, boys, dig 'em up."

He'd recognized them as vice squad officers.

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