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Future shock

June 14, 2007 |  3:32 pm



1907_0127b June 14, 1957
Los Angeles

Sometimes predictions for the future are simply painful to read. The people living in 1957 were prolific in sketching out hopeful plans. Some of them were foolish (I think we can safely eliminate the atomic-powered monorails) but others sound terribly familiar: Like one-way streets and restricted bus lanes on the freeways.

All I can say is this: We have been ignoring our transportation problems for a century. (Above, a downtown traffic jam in 1907).

Proposals from 1957:

  • Make Figueroa and Flower one-way streets from downtown to the Coliseum.   
  • Make Olive and Hill one-way streets between 1st Street and 23rd Street.
  • 200-mph monorails that run from the San Fernando Valley to Long Beach.
  • Light-rail routes from San Bernardino and Santa Ana to downtown.   
  • An elevated train in downtown Los Angeles.   
  • Subways.

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