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Boxer dies

June 26, 1957
Los Angeles

I'm pleased to present the work of John Hall, a columnist for the Mirror, The Times and the Orange County Register. In this piece, he recalls the late boxer "Mexican" Joe Rivers and his fight with Ad Wolgast. (Note that Wolgast is in the International Boxing Hall of Fame and Rivers isn't.)


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Comments (2)

What a great story. Incredible and even with the gigantic purses today it can still happen. Ala Mike Tyson, Thomas Hitman Hearns, Leon Spinks, etc.etc.

--I'm very pleased to add John Hall to the mix.



Joe Rivers

It is indeed sad that a great fighter like Joe Rivers is still excluded from the Boxing Hall of Fame. Even in his death he is stiill being cheated from world recognition because of his Mexican ancestry.

Kudos for Mr. Hall


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