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Hat squad



May 17, 1957
Los Angeles

Let the record show that there was once a time in Los Angeles when something other than a backward baseball cap was deemed the height of fashion in men's hats. [I mean, guys, at least take them off in restaurants--unless it's a truck stop].

Although its origins are shrouded in the mists of fashion history, Los Angeles' straw hat season began in mid-May and ended in mid-September, when felt hats returned. It was a practice that was embraced with enthusiasm beginning by 1894 and lasted until 1967, when the last holdout--Bullock's--gave up the idea.


The fashionable chapeau, 1906

Straw hat humor, 1923


The ever-popular sailor, 1924


An array of straw hats, 1930


Love that puggaree band, 1935


Miss Foreign Trade helps pick a hat, 1942


Walter Slezak, 1953. Note the disturbing disappearance of a brim. This could get ugly.


Uh-oh. This is not a good look, 1960.


Bullock's, the lone holdout, 1965.Straw_hat_1967_bullocks

A dorky straw hat to accent the equally dorky wingtip loafers (are you kidding me?) from Bullock's. Fashion doom, 1967.

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