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Now playing at the Wiggle Room


April 30, 1957
Los Angeles

Some anonymous Times writer had fun with this story about the Exotic Dancers League. There are all sorts of gags about baring grievances, making motions and getting things off their chests.


The story says the "gals" wanted to "bump" their weekly pay to $100 a week ($716.53 USD 2006), then they began "grinding" out complaints.  And of course they were outnumbered by the press: nine dancers and 20 reporters.

The Times said the organization, headed by Jennie "The Bazoom Girl" Lee, wanted heaters in the dressing rooms. The group was also trying to impose rules on mixing with patrons of strip clubs and sought to limit dancers' performances to three a night. And to raise money? A strip-a-thon.

Here's an ad from the Mirror that was considered too racy for The Times. Look who's appearing at Strip City, Western and Pico: Redd Foxx.

Here's a clip from "Sanford and Son."

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And Art Pepper at Peacock Lane - sweet that jazz was on the same page as the "girlypsos."


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