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Not on Netflix

April 26, 2007 |  6:00 am


               Note: Plot summaries are based on a variety of sources since it's difficult to find viewing copies of these cinematic gems from 1957.

  • "China Gate." Bad things happen in Viet-Nam when an American soldier (Gene "The Girls of Pleasure Island" Barry) is repelled by the appearance of the son born to him and his Eurasian wife (Angie "Tension at Table Rock" Dickinson--no kidding) only to be reunited with her as she guides his group of French  Legionnaires on a mission to  destroy a Red Chinese ammunition dump.  Look for Nat "King" Cole and Lee Van Cleef.  Oh, and she gets blown up. Oops. A Sam Fuller film.
  • "Dragstrip Girl." Bad things happen when a wealthy young man and a poor but honest youth compete for the attentions of a local beauty. Look for Frank "Twilight of the Ice Nymphs" Gorshin.
  • "Guns of Fort Petticoat." Bad things happen when a Texan in the Union Army (Audie "No Name on the Bullet" Murphy)  goes AWOL and discovers a group of women back home who are left defenseless against Indian attacks. Look for  Hope "Thieves' Highway" Emerson.
  • "The Man Who Turned to Stone." Bad things happen as mad scientists electrocute young women to stay alive hundreds of years. Look for Victor "Cat-Women of the Moon" Jory.
  • "Pharaoh's Curse." Bad things happen with archeologists and mummies. Look for Diane "Courage of Black Beauty" Brewster and Ziva "Macumba Love" Rodann.
  • "Rock All Night." Bad things happen when criminals take over a teenage hangout called Cloud Nine. Dick "Shorty" Miller comes to the rescue. Look for Mel "Chopping Mall" Welles, the Blockbusters and the Platters. Directed by Roger Corman.
  • "Spring Reunion." Bad things happen at Carson High School's 15th reunion when hometown girl made good (Betty "Here Come the Waves" Hutton) reconnects with her old beau (Dana "Hot Rods to Hell" Andrews). Look for Irene "Beverly Hillbillies" Ryan and Jean "Panic in Year Zero" Hagen.
  • "The Strange One." Bad things happen when young scoundrel Jocko De Paris (Ben "Maneater" Gazzara) schemes his way through a Southern military college. Look for George "Groundstar Conspiracy" Peppard and Peter Mark "Girls on the Loose" Richman.
  • "Tears for Simon." Bad things happen when the child of American parents is kidnapped during a visit to London. Made as "Lost" in the UK. Look for David "Black Shield of Falworth" Farrar. (This is the movie in which Tony Curtis says: "Yonder lies the castle of my father." More or less.)
  • "War Drums." Bad things happen when a Latina (Joan "Earth vs. the Flying Saucers" Taylor) is kidnapped by an Apache warrior (Lex "Die Schlangengrube und das Pendel" Barker). 
  • "Zombies of Mora Tau." Bad things happen as the living dead go  underwater  to protect sunken  treasure from adventurers.  Look for Gregg "The Creature Walks Among Us" Palmer.