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Larry Harnisch reflects on Los Angeles history

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He was no Cupid


April 26, 1957
Los Angeles

Albert Duarte, 20, was tired of hearing the noise made by the wrecking crews day after day as they demolished a building at 1st and Hope streets.

So he got a 5-foot bow and shot an arrow at them.

Charles Ousley, 25, of 11610 S. San Pedro told police he was standing in the bed of a dump truck when the arrow whistled past him.


The foreman of the crew, John Trott, 30, of 1215 S. Server Ave., in Montebello, looked up at the apartment building and saw a figure in the window at 700 W. 1st St. "This work is dangerous enough without somebody shooting arrows at my men," he said.

Duarte had fled by the time police arrived. But they confiscated his bow and arrows, The Times said.

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