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Ex nihilo nihil fit

April 20, 2007 |  2:00 pm


  April 20, 1957
  Los Angeles

By Matt Weinstock

ONLY IN L.A.--A woman about to board a Metro 91 bus at Hollywood Blvd. and Vine asked, "Do you go on La Brea?" (Some turn on Fairfax). The driver said no.

She asked: "You don't go on La Brea?"

He said: "No, lady, I don't."

She got on, started to put her fare in the box when the driver said firmly:   "Lady, I said I didn't go on La Brea!"

She deposited her fare and said pleasantly: "Oh, that's all right--I didn't   want to go there."

Which is one reason bus drivers acquire that harried look.