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Upton Sinclair House for Sale

  Sept. 16, 1923, Upton Sinclair House  

  Upton Sinclair House  

Photo courtesy of Cecilia Farnum, Century 21



The Upton Sinclair House at 464 N. Myrtle Ave., Monrovia has been listed for sale at $1.5 million. The 1923 home was designed by Frederick H. Wallis for L.B. Vollmer (d. 1948), owner of the ‘Leven Oaks Hotel, 120 S. Myrtle Ave., in Monrovia. Vollmer had promised in 1911 to build the hotel if people bought lots in his subdivision.

Sinclair (d. 1968) bought the home in 1942 and was living there when he won the Pulitzer Prize for a novel in 1943 with “Dragon’s Teeth,” the third book in his Lanny Budd series. The Times clips shows that he moved out at various times for undisclosed “desert hideaways” but he apparently returned each time.
A year before he died, Sinclair left Monrovia for New Jersey to be closer to his son David, The Times said.

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