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Is Spike Lee's strange hat fetish bringing bad luck to the Knicks?

Spike lee Let's face it. If you're a basketball fan and you find yourself watching the Knicks, one of the first things you do is check the courtside seats to see if Spike Lee is in the house. When the Celtics came to the Garden on Monday night, Lee was in his usual courtside seat, sitting next to -- of all people -- Celtics three-point shot wizard Ray Allen's mother. After the Celtics blew the Knicks out of the building, coming back from a 14-point halftime deficit and scoring the final 10 points of the game on their way to a 96-86 victory, Moms Allen leaned over and gave Spike a nice maternal "better luck next time" hug. I hope she had one left over for Carmelo Anthony, who went scoreless in the fourth quarter and caught an elbow in the eye from Celtics guard Rajon Rondo.

But the real news wasn't the Knicks loss. After all, they've been losing a lot lately, even going down in flames earlier this month to the lowly Cleveland Cavaliers. What everyone was yakking about after the game was Lee's strange winter headgear, a fleecy, neon-orange hunter's cap with big ear flaps that made him look a little like a character from a Dr. Suess book. Most people would stash the cap when the game started, but Lee, who for years would wear a baseball cap promoting his latest movie, wore the cap the entire game, as if it were some weird Knickerbocker good-luck charm.

So far, it doesn't seem to be working, since he wore the same cap to the Cavs game, which was something of a low point in the Knicks season. I guess it's possible that Lee got a haircut that he didn't like and he's waiting for everything to grow out. Or maybe he lost a bet. Or maybe he's doing a remake of "The Cat in the Hat." If anyone has a more plausible theory, feel free to share!

--Patrick Goldstein

Photo: Spike Lee taking in the action at an NBA game between the New York Knicks and the Cleveland Cavaliers earlier this month at Madison Square Garden. Credit: Mary Altaffer/Associated Press

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Please, he can wear whatever the hell he wants! When the Knicks suck, they suck! The question should be "is Spike Lee's strange hat fetish forcing him to confront his racist nature?"

No, Knicks lack of scoring and defense is the reason.

This headline is not worthy of a newspaper, let alone one based in Los Angeles.

I've met Spike Lee. He is a weirdo and a jerk. I enjoy the fact that the Knicks' losing ways cause Lee to suffer.

Spike Lee is a lousy director who only gets attention now at Knick games and criticising good directors. Why is the LA Times bothering with him.

No more than this inane question.

Ed Norton, stop hating. Only a true racist will try and point another out.

vic "the brick" jacobs thinks that hat is an embarrassment

Yawn. Spike Lee's a lame copycat filmmaker who's films are so bad that he'll do anything for attention such critics slaughter him and no one's seeing his movies (unless he's cons Denzel to do another one with him)--getting attention is ALL he's about. And since all his post-80s films suck badly he's left to get attention from pretending to be the first NBA fan ever and making race-fueled documentaries (about suffering blacks) which blacks say "are good" because they got pissed off while viewing them and whites are good because of white guilt. If wearing an ugly hat will get him extra camera time and a dumb article like this one then he'll wear it. By the way, Carmelo Anthony is not taking the Knicks anywhere. He's not that type of who'll "take" a team to another level. Leadership is NOT in that man's DNA.

Who gives a rat's beezwhacks what this idiot is wearing on his head.

His insignificant life is a waste.

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