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'Big Momma's House' sequel: Worst-reviewed movie of all time?

Martin_lawrence 20th Century Fox has released some truly awful movies in the past few years --"Gulliver's Travels," "All About Steve," "Dragonball: Evolution," "Street Fighter" and "The Day the Earth Stood Still" come to mind, since none of those earned more than a lowly 21 fresh rating at Rotten Tomatoes. But that rating is considerably higher than the one carried by the new Martin Lawrence film, "Big Mommas:  Like Father, Like Son," which has the almost rock-bottom Rotten Tomatoes rating of 4, with only one review out of 26 at this counting being  remotely positive.

It probably should come as no surprise that the critical approval rating for the new movie is abysmally low, since its 2006 predecessor "Big Momma's House 2" earned a pathetic 6. You'd have to admit that the whole "Big Momma" operation was a pretty homely comedy franchise to begin with, one largely based on how funny you thought it was to see Martin Lawrence pass himself off as an obese fat woman.

The first film, released in 2000, grossed $117 million in the U.S. The sequel did $70 million. I think it would be fair to say that the drop-off will continue with this new installment, which as a host of unhappy critics have pointed out, seems to steal much of its material from Tyler Perry's own big-momma-style comic shtick.

The Orlando Sentinel's Roger Moore calls the film "a sad excuse for a cross-dressing sequel," which is one of the nicest things anyone had to say about the movie, which stoops really, really low to conquer.

--Patrick Goldstein

Photo: Martin Lawrence at the opening of "Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son" in Hollywood. Credit: Valerie Macon/Getty Images


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That's a pretty shameless headline. Having even a single positive review on the Tomato Meter means it isn't the worst-reviewed movie of all time.

I just wish the Big Momma's house movies would just go away and stay away! They are extremely insulting. Talk about some absolute self-loathing on the part of Martin Lawrence. Lawrence should be ashamed of himself for making money off insulting black women...basically the women who are his sisters, his mother, his grandmother. Women who probably sacrificed plenty to ensure he had the opportunity to even make movies in the first place!

Hollywood and Martin are both to blame. Hollywood who continues to honor the big black mama sterotypes (thanks Tyler Perry you got rich at your mothers expense). These negative sterotypes go back to Hattie McDaniels. The odd thing is that back then this is the only roll blacks could get. Hollywood truly doesn't fund a aweful lot of good positive black movies of late, they are far and few. Generally the black elite have to fund them with the help of some open minded whites. Martin Lawrence and Tyler Perry are the new Stepn fetchit's of our generation! Parading around like these black loud, sassy, uneducated black mama's is degrading. Why? Because they are way over the top and it plays into the harsh racial sterotypes that many in the industry fought hard to overcome. Sydney, Cosby, Ruby Dee I hear your cries and feel your pain.

Even more sad is that people are and will still go watch this movie. Sequel made 70 million!??!?!!!!

>'Big Momma's House' sequel: Worst-reviewed movie of all time?

I seem to recall a review (of an entirely different movie) that began with "There are some films whose very existence makes the world a worse place to live."
Big Momma's House sequel may be collecting a lot of bad reviews, but I'd say it's hard to top that opening sentence.

No, I think The Last Airbender is the worst-reviewed movie of all time thanks to the sheer number of negative reviews for it. This is just a waste of a movie.

Black sexist homophobia
the boy can't make an honest wage without dissing for Uncle Sam
what an Uncle Tom!

You mean the guy who made "Black Knight" has no shame?

Two words: Benigni's Pinocchio


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