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How much Cher is there really to see in 'Burlesque'?

Cher Rex Reed raised an interesting issue in his hilarious pan of "Burlesque," the new Steven Antin musical that stars Christina Aguilera and Cher. Judging from the print ads and posters for "Burlesque," not to mention her omnipresence on the promotional-interview circuit, you'd think that Cher was the costar of the movie. But as Reed put it in his review, Cher is "hardly in" the movie. Well, he's exaggerating, but not by much. One of my colleagues who went to a midnight screening of the film Tuesday night dutifully kept track of Cher's screen time.

The verdict? Cher is in roughly 37 minutes of the 116-minute film, and a tidy percentage of that screen time is devoted to cutaways of the 64-year-old diva watching Aguilera perform. So if you're looking for a lot of Cher on screen, you might want to get out that old "Moonstruck" DVD. As the movie's posters say, "It takes a legend to make a star," which in this case means that the legend must've struck a great deal to get equal billing.

Photo: Cher, left, with Christina Aguilera at the premiere of "Burlesque" in Hollywood. Credit: Jason Merritt / Getty Images


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This article shines a light on the key issue with Burlesque. Christina Aguilera is not a movie star and reviews of her performance have been lukewarm. Cher is an Oscar winner with huge following who is finally returning to screen. I suspect the movie will do well this weekend because people have been tricked into believing Cher IS a co-star and has equal or more movie time to newbie Aguilera. As word spreads Cher has a cameo.... the ticket sales will plunge. Not Cher's fault, the director was a fool to not use her much more.

Just came from the movie. Super, great, fantastic, awesome! Wish there was more of Cher but her new song, "You haven't seen the last of me was spectacular. " What an amazing performance, even better than I had imagined!

The article asks, "How much Cher is there really to see in 'Burlesque'"? HAPPILY, NOT MUCH...


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