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Pop culture clash: Conservatives loyal to very different brands from liberals

Bill_O'reilly I keep hoping that some shrewd pollster--Frank Luntz, are you listening?--will survey liberals and conservatives to figure out if they really have different tastes in movies. It's no stretch to imagine that "Secretariat" is probably as much of a conservative movie as "The Social Network" is a liberal one, but what about "Due Date" or "Saw 3D" or "Toy Story 3"? Do they cut across all political boundaries? Do animated family films, so reassuring to viewers, have a secret rightward tilt? Do horror films, which take audiences on queasy thrill rides, appeal to sensation-seeking lefties?

But thanks to a fascinating new survey from YouGov BrandIndex, we now know that many of America's top brands actually have a political tilt in terms of their popularity. YouGov asked people to rate a brand's quality, value and general satisfaction level--but then indexed the answers based on the respondent's political affiliations. The Democrats' favorite brand? Google. The Republicans' favorite brand? Fox News.

There were a number of brands that showed up on both party's Top 10, including Craftsman, Johnson & Johnson and FedEx, but it was telling to see that no Internet brands made the GOP list while two--Google and Amazon--made the Democrat list. And it's certainly telling, in terms of psychographics, that the Democrats' favorite brand is a search engine that offers a totally open-ended cache of information while the Republicans' favorite brand is a news and opinion outlet that preaches to the converted.

There were other, not-so-surprising rankings, notably that only the Democrats included Progressive on their Top 5 list of insurers (Aflac only showed up on the Republicans' Top 5 picks). Jet Blue was the third-ranked airline brand with Democrats, but didn't make the Top 5 with Republicans. But here's the big surprise for me--Democrats ranked Sony as their No. 2 favorite brand of all, yet Apple didn't make the Top 10 list for either party. Nor was Disney anywhere to be found. I would've expected Wal-Mart to make the GOP Top 10, but it didn't make the cut either. And what--no McDonald's? I mean, what is this country coming to? 

Photo: Fox News' top-rated host, Bill O'Reilly, at his desk on the news show set. Credit: Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times


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"Secretariat" is conservative movie (LOL!!) if you ignore the religious segment. This movie was marketing to Conservative Christians, who did not flock to it. It seems like horse racing and betting are not Christian Sunday events. No wonder you're obsessed with such definitions. You really don't know who the heck are Christians and what they may like. You also don't know what Conservatives like.

Did you know that Google pays barely pays any corporate tax? Yet Democrats love them. Tax evasion is what all major Democratic Leaders do.

Google is hardly alone in that, joined by many (most?) corporations such as Walmart:
"Corporate tax loopholes are having a profound effect on state revenue collections, and mounting evidence demonstrates that for many years Wal-Mart has aggressively pursued them in order to avoid paying state taxes. The legality of certain tax schemes differs state to state and certain strategies are extremely complex, but the underlying results are the same: they have saved Wal-Mart from paying hundreds of millions of dollars in state taxes. According to a February Wall Street Journal1 article and Standard & Poor’s Compustat system (which collects data from SEC filings), on average Wal-Mart has paid only about half of the statutory state tax rates for the past decade.


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