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Is Jennifer Lopez too much of a diva for 'American Idol'?

J lopez People magazine's website is reporting that Jennifer Lopez won't be a judge on "American Idol" because (gasp!) she's too much of a diva. The magazine quotes a source saying the deal to bring her on board the show fell apart when "her demands got out of hand. Fox just had enough." The network is apparently still mulling over bringing in Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, but it's looking at other potential candidates as well.

If true, this is hardly a shocker, since J Lo is notorious for having extravagant demands for her backstage comfort and luxury. News surfaced, for example, that when she did a video shoot for a charity benefit, producers had to agree to provide her with a 40-foot trailer with two doors, a "hair" sink, TV and DVD, as well as an additional dressing room painted white with white curtains, white furniture, white flowers, white candles, and, of course, a pile of white linen sheets.

Of course, if Fox goes with Tyler, the network could run up against similarly excessive needs. Rock stars have put all sorts of oddball demands into their contract riders, most famously when Van Halen insisted that promoters provide the band with a bowl of M&Ms, with the brown ones removed. Aerosmith wasn't so much better. The band's 1997 contract rider called for a pair of communal dressing rooms that could be "secluded" from each other, which would be carpeted and outfitted "in such a fashion as to conceal the industrial locker room nature of the environment."

The band also insisted on no Wonder Bread at its snack bar. Tyler had such a reputation for bad-boy behavior backstage that when the Dixie Chicks were asked why they brought in their own dressing room furniture (at their expense, it should be noted) for their concerts, Natalie Maines explained, "You don't know what Steven Tyler's done on that couch, so you want your own."

So I'm guessing Fox may be dealing with diva demands no matter who it ends up hiring as an "American Idol" judge. Personally, I'd love it if they brought in Betty White, but who knows what she might demand--a bevy of scantily clad young men to bring her Snickers bars?  

Photo: Jennifer Lopez doing publicity for her latest film, "The Back-up Plan," in Spain earlier this year. Credit: Victor R. Caivano / Associated Press

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the van halen m&m stipulation was a test for venues and promoters. if they didn't check the rider and fulfill that obligation, it was a good sign that there were more serious things they had failed to do. snopes covers it well.

Agree on JLo as having too much baggage, but I still want Katy Perry - she was the best of the "guest judges" and is much closer to current pop music.

There is a This American Life episode that details what Jim Winstead pointed out.

No surprise! Based on the news that JHo--sorry, I meant, Jlo--was being brought into the "American Idol" fold as a judge, I deleted the show from my DVR recording schedule yesterday! I believe a USA Today writer said it best when she said if Jennifer Lopez sings to her talent level she'd be a "mime". (Still LMAO at that one!) :-D Tyler might be fun. Personally, I would love to see Janet Jackson's performance on the 2010 finale as a bridge to stint as an "AI" judge! BNHMB (But Not Holding My Breath), as she's seems to be busy with acting projects, penning her book and possibly touring! People are still talking about her killer performance at the 2010 Essence Music Festival and praying JDJ does a tour! We'd also like to hear some new JDJ Tune-age! Happiness! Smile!

Shania Twain would be awesome!!!! I bet she will not be because she is working on her own Reality Tv show to watch the Diva as she climbs herself back to the top

Considering the fact that (what's left of) her career is in the toilet, you'd think she'd lighten up on the diva antics.

Jim is correct about the Van Halen rider-it was actually quite brilliant of them! When the band began to take off and play in larger arenas, some of the facilities didn't meet technical requirements (electrical, etc.) that would be there as a given in the largest cities. Two people were almost killed on seperate occasions. So the band buried the M&M stipulation deep in the technical rider of the contract. There would be no time once the band arrived at the arena, so they just had to glance at that bowl of M&M's out in the open of the dressing room. If any brown ones were there, they could assume other things wern't looked at either. It saved a great deal of time, and the accidents stopped.

You would hope that people get wiser as they get older, but if the story is true, JLo is not maturing. She's just going to have to learn the hard way.

JLO is not required in the show.. as the show is already a popular one.. i dont feel she is required for this program. waste of money

They probably realized she's not worth all the fuss. She's good, but not that good. So the question still remains: Who will save American Idol?

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