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Mel Gibson's outrageous new rant: Is it time for more anger management?


We all know that Mel Gibson is a very, very angry guy, something that seems to surface at the most inopportune times, as when the WGN-TV reporter Dean Richards had the temerity to ask the actor, on camera, about the fallout from his 2006 drunk driving arrest and Gibson called him a profane name that we can't repeat here. After that incident, Gibson acknowledged that "I have a short fuse. I'm trying to work on it."

But judging from this explosive new story that just broke at, Gibson needs to put a little more time into anger management. Maybe a lot more time. Radar reporters say they have heard a tape made by Oksana Grigorieva, Gibson's ex-girlfriend and mother of his baby daughter, Lucia, who have been battling in court over custody issues.

In an e-mail to The Times, Gibson representative Alan Nierob said that he had not yet confirmed the report's accuracy "due to legal matters."

According to Radar, Gibson is heard yelling insults at Grigorieva, including a nasty racial epithet known in polite society as the N-word. In one of his rants, Gibson reportedly says, "You look like a ... pig in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of ..., it will be your fault."

In addition to a string of derogatory words referring to Grigorieva's womanhood, Gibson also is said to have threatened her, saying "I am going to come and burn the ... house down," adding, "but you will [perform oral sex on] me first."

There's much, much more, but I'll spare you the gory details. You'll undoubtedly hear all about them in the media uproar that is sure to follow. If Gibson has an explanation for his racial epithets, which of course echo the vile anti-Semitic remarks he made after his DUI arrest, it is sure to be a doozy. So far, according to Radar, Gibson has not denied having a confrontation with Grigorieva but has simply described it, through his lawyer, as a loud argument.

It's way too early to start talking about the career fallout from his latest tirade, except to say that if these tapes are authentic, Gibson should be figuring out not whether to make an apology, but when and where. It's a sad thing to realize that the actor who was so gifted at playing bitter, violent men on screen is apparently drawing all too easily on a store of bitterness and anger from deep inside his own psyche. It sounds to me as if it's time for Gibson's friends to get this man some help. Fast. 

Photo: Mel Gibson in character as Thomas Craven in the thriller "Edge of Darkness."

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures


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These comments were made during a PRIVATE conversation between Gibson and his ex-girlfriend,correct? The girlfriend made the tape public so as to generate a negative public response.If I were Gibson I would be less than pleased about her behavior. None of Gibson's comments led to violent behavior against any African-American,right?It's all just hot air,so why condemn the guy? Frankly I was more annoyed with Helen Thomas's comments about Israel, and sending the Jews back to Germany and Poland,this from a White House press corp member, and prominent journalist. That is more shocking to me than the comments of an actor and his girlfriend made in private..or so he thought.

free contry say what you want to,he has no power...just a bunch of worthless words...

There are two sides to every story. Oksana is a gold digger and a husband stealer. She's out for what she can get. You got this story from the Tabloids, so here is the newest from The National Enquirer- Oksana is angry because Mel Gibson doesn't want to marry her now. She probably injured herself to make him look bad. He's never hit a woman in his life...the guy is in his 50's. Oksana is stalking Mel Gibson's wife and family. She's a Psycho. The Times should ask Mel Gibson his side of the story.

Seems as if we go through this daily. Why would anyone reach any conclusion one way or the other about someone's character or think any of us knows anything about a person after having watched their movies, seen them hit a golf ball, make a stump speech or preach a sermon?

None of us truly really know the people we work with, do business with, our sports heroes, celebrities, politicians... even some of our friends. Most of what we see is nothing more than public persona. Heck... sometimes I am even surprised and disappointed in myself. Who of us would want our very worst moments recorded and played back for the world to see? Welcome to being a human being.

Believe me, I am not condoning anything Mr. Gibson has said or done. My impression of him certainly is not good. I just think sometimes we are all too eager to vilify others while ignoring ourselves. That there seems to be a need to look at people in extremes... to place on a pedestal and worship one day... and to tar feather and demonize the very next.

Just another typical Christian - no sense or morality or decency. Sad all these delusional evangelists think Gibson is some sort of modern day Jesus via his film work.

Good news is these born again types can be born again every minute of the day - so Gibson can commit as many atrocities as he wants and then find God. Over and over and over again. It was perfected during the Bush era. Dick Cheney had it down to seconds.

And, of course, everyone else is the true sinner. The Bible tells Gibson so.

Everyone hates everyone else. People condemning Mel Gibson are probably not his fans anyway. Such incidents only create interest in him. His movies do not appeal to all, but his next movie will attract his fans and make him rich all over again. If your lifeboat were sinking from too many people, you'd all throw overboard those least like yourselves.

Mel Gibson obviously has an anger problem and he says things he shouldn't say. But don't we all at one time or another? All of you need to think about the worst argument you have ever had with somebody and some of the nasty things you may have said, and then ask yourself how other people would interpret it? Probably not very well. But we are human and human beings get mad and explode and sometimes don't behave in a mature way. It doesn't mean he is the worst person in the world. It means I wouldn't want to be married to the guy but it doesn't mean he is Hitler. And have you ever wondered what SHE may have said to him to get him so pissed off? Maybe she threatened to never let him see his daughter again....maybe she threatened to tell lies about him to the media....the point is WE DON'T KNOW. And to judge a man based up upon a few arguments he had with his ex girlfriend is completely wrong. Isn't it funny she just "happened" to be able to record these conversations? Screams of set-up to me.

It seems to me that Mel Gibson could have used some anger management techniques many years ago.

But it´s never too late to take controll of your anger. Just do it and go through the steps neccesarry.

its really just the guys private life - and what kind of woman tapes private conversations - what normal nice woman does things like that. as offensive as gibson is to some it sure looks like exploitation pure and simple.

Mel needs to go back to Australia and live on one of those 50,000 acre sheep stations where nobody can bother him. That way he can berate Blacks, Aboriginals, Russians, Jews and women all day with out any person having to listen to his obscenities, and, at the same time, feel good about himself. Or maybe he can join Sarah Palin's Teabaggers. That would probably be a good fit. Money and hollywood PR can only cover so many faults. What a poor example of a Catholic he is!

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