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Mel Gibson's outrageous new rant: Is it time for more anger management?


We all know that Mel Gibson is a very, very angry guy, something that seems to surface at the most inopportune times, as when the WGN-TV reporter Dean Richards had the temerity to ask the actor, on camera, about the fallout from his 2006 drunk driving arrest and Gibson called him a profane name that we can't repeat here. After that incident, Gibson acknowledged that "I have a short fuse. I'm trying to work on it."

But judging from this explosive new story that just broke at, Gibson needs to put a little more time into anger management. Maybe a lot more time. Radar reporters say they have heard a tape made by Oksana Grigorieva, Gibson's ex-girlfriend and mother of his baby daughter, Lucia, who have been battling in court over custody issues.

In an e-mail to The Times, Gibson representative Alan Nierob said that he had not yet confirmed the report's accuracy "due to legal matters."

According to Radar, Gibson is heard yelling insults at Grigorieva, including a nasty racial epithet known in polite society as the N-word. In one of his rants, Gibson reportedly says, "You look like a ... pig in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of ..., it will be your fault."

In addition to a string of derogatory words referring to Grigorieva's womanhood, Gibson also is said to have threatened her, saying "I am going to come and burn the ... house down," adding, "but you will [perform oral sex on] me first."

There's much, much more, but I'll spare you the gory details. You'll undoubtedly hear all about them in the media uproar that is sure to follow. If Gibson has an explanation for his racial epithets, which of course echo the vile anti-Semitic remarks he made after his DUI arrest, it is sure to be a doozy. So far, according to Radar, Gibson has not denied having a confrontation with Grigorieva but has simply described it, through his lawyer, as a loud argument.

It's way too early to start talking about the career fallout from his latest tirade, except to say that if these tapes are authentic, Gibson should be figuring out not whether to make an apology, but when and where. It's a sad thing to realize that the actor who was so gifted at playing bitter, violent men on screen is apparently drawing all too easily on a store of bitterness and anger from deep inside his own psyche. It sounds to me as if it's time for Gibson's friends to get this man some help. Fast. 

Photo: Mel Gibson in character as Thomas Craven in the thriller "Edge of Darkness."

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures


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Mel has made a few choices in his life that he needs to own up to. He is the one who cheated on his wife with this woman and made a baby with her.That is fact.He has been in LA long enough to know what the possibilites of his actions could be.His choice,his responsibility.I could care less why she decided to connect with him.They aren't married therefore aren't getting a divorce.The purpose of the tape is to show the court how abusive Gibson can be especially since they are in court about custody of a infant.She knew she would get something on tape,how would she know if it hadn't happened before? His mouth did the talking and it really isn't something a child be subject to, so it is best that they are seperated.He needs to start acting like a man and take responsibility for all of his choices in life and the results thereof. Bye, Mel

Apology? What's the point? Boo-Hoo, I made a mistake. Heard it too many times from to many in the public eye who got caught out. They're sorry alright, sorry they got caught.

Apocalypto was a great movie however. Tried to make a pun with apology but couldn't come up with one.

Mike - get a grip - the only people who care what you say are those who agree with you - ie don't judge anyone if they think they have a straight line to Christ? I think it's the mean-spirited who are in for a surprise - you obviously qualify.

Not to defend him at all, but it is possible that Gibson is exhibiting symptoms of early-onset dementia, or perhaps Alzheimer's Disease.

One of the symptoms is a reversal of personality, i.e., Jeckyll & Hyde. My own father, a devoted, loving, funny, intelligent man became bitter, hostile, angry and bigotted.
These behaviors were totally antithetical to the man I had known and loved my entire life.

Let's not throw away the man and his talent without considering other possibilities.

Someone needs to put a few pennies in the cuss jar...

Alec Baldwin and Tom Cruise are heaving a giant sigh of relief and stepping aside, graciously waving through the unchallenged winner of the biggest, crudest, most obnoxious A-hole that ever graced the Hollywood stage...

Oh well, people get mad and blow up. I'm more interested in just who taped this and leaked it, as if it's not transparent. This woman knows how to play guys like Gibson for the big money. She's no rookie and she knows how to push buttons. Her "career" is gold digging.

Gibson's a tool, but I think people can say whatever they like in a private conversation. As you can see, racism lives on; just look at the post below that says "there are still too many White people..." Racism applies to ALL colors.

Isaiah Washington uses a homophobic word and get shunned thanks to a huge helping Katherine Heigl's personal opinions that get lauded by the media. Mel Gibson has used anti-Semitic remarks and had DUI. Later he got praised for his going above and beyond what was prescribed for his probation/rehabilitation. He apologized and some accepted this apology with reservation.
Now he's at it again.
His use of the n-word is proof that he shouldn't be trusted. As a fan of his work until he opened his big mouth to let us all know what he really thinks, I'm not going to pay attention to this mess of a man anymore.

You know it never ceases to amaze me , that Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, Dave Chappele or any rapper can continuously spout the N word and no one blinks an eye . But as soon as anyone else (meaning caucasian) does it; its time to get the rope and torches and hang 'em . I would call that double standard or reverse discrimination . To put it simply , if you don't want the word thrown around or said then it should be dealt with the same no matter who is saying it. So if the word is so offensive why is it ok for some to use it and not others .

When Jews make outrageous rants the Zionist controlled media refuses to talk about it but harps on the chance to do so when a goy like Mel Gibson has the audacity to embarass the Jewish controlled Hollywood movie industry. Oh vey!
Give me a break - who really cares what any of the Hollywood phonies say except other phonies?

being rich, talented, and smart doesn't make you a nice guy...

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