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Mel Gibson's outrageous new rant: Is it time for more anger management?


We all know that Mel Gibson is a very, very angry guy, something that seems to surface at the most inopportune times, as when the WGN-TV reporter Dean Richards had the temerity to ask the actor, on camera, about the fallout from his 2006 drunk driving arrest and Gibson called him a profane name that we can't repeat here. After that incident, Gibson acknowledged that "I have a short fuse. I'm trying to work on it."

But judging from this explosive new story that just broke at, Gibson needs to put a little more time into anger management. Maybe a lot more time. Radar reporters say they have heard a tape made by Oksana Grigorieva, Gibson's ex-girlfriend and mother of his baby daughter, Lucia, who have been battling in court over custody issues.

In an e-mail to The Times, Gibson representative Alan Nierob said that he had not yet confirmed the report's accuracy "due to legal matters."

According to Radar, Gibson is heard yelling insults at Grigorieva, including a nasty racial epithet known in polite society as the N-word. In one of his rants, Gibson reportedly says, "You look like a ... pig in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of ..., it will be your fault."

In addition to a string of derogatory words referring to Grigorieva's womanhood, Gibson also is said to have threatened her, saying "I am going to come and burn the ... house down," adding, "but you will [perform oral sex on] me first."

There's much, much more, but I'll spare you the gory details. You'll undoubtedly hear all about them in the media uproar that is sure to follow. If Gibson has an explanation for his racial epithets, which of course echo the vile anti-Semitic remarks he made after his DUI arrest, it is sure to be a doozy. So far, according to Radar, Gibson has not denied having a confrontation with Grigorieva but has simply described it, through his lawyer, as a loud argument.

It's way too early to start talking about the career fallout from his latest tirade, except to say that if these tapes are authentic, Gibson should be figuring out not whether to make an apology, but when and where. It's a sad thing to realize that the actor who was so gifted at playing bitter, violent men on screen is apparently drawing all too easily on a store of bitterness and anger from deep inside his own psyche. It sounds to me as if it's time for Gibson's friends to get this man some help. Fast. 

Photo: Mel Gibson in character as Thomas Craven in the thriller "Edge of Darkness."

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures


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Hey guys,
Remember when Robert Downey Jr was the messed up one and Mel was urging him to get help. My how things change.

He got in an argument, so what? Big freaking deal, everyone gets in an argument at least once in their life and usually a lot more than once.

You say he's got anger management issues then put up a picture of him playing a character holding a gun which makes people think he's fixing to loose it and start shooting people...

Very mature of whoever wrote this. I hope they had permission from the owner of the movie that pic is from to use it... no, I hope you didn't and they sue you.

This is not news, every single divorce that involved a custody battle had arguments... this is not news.

Fact is, Mel Gibson is as much a 'true' christian as suicide bombers are 'true' muslim. They simply hide their prejudices and hatreds behind a religion.

Frankly, I don't care if he believes in paper clips for god, the man is a racist, homophobic, bitter hater. I haven't watched a Mel Gibson film since his last anti-semitic outburst - after this I will absolutely avoid all films that he is involved with in any way, shape or form, even if they win an academy award (as unlikely as any of the films he is associated with would...)

Until we are all perfect, Mel Gibson is just another man like all of the rest of us with the exact same failings and shortcomings as the rest of us.

I humbly suggest that before any of us points any fingers at Mr. Gibson we all consider that we are equally flawed.

Get over it guys, dont you have anything better to do than wine about one man's stupid comments. Please dont tell me that your realy suprised at any of this. If you are, you need to get a life

Makes you wonder what the outfit she had on looked like.

Also, I think it's fair to say: Lethal Weapon 5 is now officially dead.

Funny how we are attracted to certain women, but after they are "ours," we don't like the way they dress, etc... This is a problem for many men, and it is unfortunate that people have to worry so much about their spouses, and daughters getting raped in America. The revolving door of justice will insure that the streets are packed with child predators, and rapists all the time, and the media will jump to their defense, as usual, essentially implying that rape is their “art,” and that they must have an equal opportunity to “express themselves through their art.” I don’t buy it, but apparently they get out of jail again, and again, to do what they do. Gibson has nothing on Tom Cruise in the "weird" department, though.

I'd suggest that you busy bodies leave Mel Gibson alone! I do not choose to use the "racial slurs" for which he is under attack. (Well, not very often, anyway.) But Mel has a right to be himself. There are far more offensive human actions occurring daily.

How about BP's allowing millions of gallons of crude oil to continue to gush unchecked into the Gulf of Mexico for two months?

How about murdering simple tribal Afghan villagers with cowardly high tech Predator drone missiles because those villagers happen to be on the wrong side in a geopolitical chess game involving my wicked nation and her military-industrial complex?

How about denying 12 million Palestinians the right to live in their ancestral homeland in peace and dignity?

There are many egregious offenses being committed against Gaia and her children at this time, but Mel Gibson's so-called "racial slurs" are very low on the list.

Not to excuse 'ol Mel, but I'll bet every poster on this forum has said something in the heat of the moment that they would not want on tape...that includes you, Patrick my man.

Let he without an-estranged-wife-or-ex-girlfriend-with-a-digital-audio-device-surreptitiously-recording-an-argument cast the first stone.

Hey now, we all worship the greenback here in my beloved country. This man, Mr. Gibson, has a really big pile of them so he can call anyone he wants whatever he wants, whenever he wants.

And you, my fellow Americans, agree to this! Perhaps not by opinion, perhaps not while wallowing in the comfort of your close circle of friends, but by the fact that you have enough time to whine on this forum. You're too darned comfortable chasing that tantalizing carrot of the American Dream, or, perhaps, even 'living' it, to really do anything more than complain. That's what is going to wipe Mr. Gibson's slate clean... we'll all forget about this, promptly, when we see the next televised chasing of a white SUV or 'discover' that another country has it out for our way of living (Wait... the fUSSR/Russia has spies in our country? *gasp*).

His stack o'backs will provide for the heaviest silver tongue around, readily dispatching those legal inconveniences, and the public will be too focused on another topic de jour to care about what we should be doing.

Should you really care about this topic, I'd suggest you submit something to the Op-Ed @ LA Times (or insert local paper here). Better yet, eMail and *write* something to your congressional representatives. It will make you feel like a better person and, who knows, maybe it'll polish up your cocktail hour conversation a bit. Best of all you may provide the 'nudge' that motivates a reader into doing the right thing and making sure that mountains of gold do not justify acting like human trash.

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