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Audiences agree with critics on 'Last Airbender': It's a stinker

Night_shyamalan The good news for Paramount going into this wonderful holiday weekend is that its M. Night Shyamalan-directed "The Last Airbender" has received a huge upsurge in critical enthusiasm. Well, maybe huge would be putting it a little too strongly. The film, which on Thursday was mired at an unbelievably lowly 6 rating on Rotten Tomatoes, has managed to creep up to a 9 on the critic aggregation site. At this rate, the film could hit double figures by the end of the weekend.

The bad news for Paramount is that unlike a film such as "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen," which was drubbed by the critics but embraced by the public, "Last Airbender" is getting the same lousy reviews from rank-and-file moviegoers as from the critical mandarins. According to CinemaScore, the company that tracks opening-night reaction from moviegoers in dozens of cities across the country, first-night moviegoers -- the people most excited about seeing "Last Airbender" -- gave the film a woeful C.

According to studio marketers, a C grade from CinemaScore is a portend of gloom and doom, since it's a clear signal that even a movie's most loyal audience thought the film was a stinker, an opinion they are bound to share with their friends and family before the weekend is out. So while box office prognosticators such as my colleague Ben Fritz have predicted that "Airbender" could make as much as $50 million over the weekend, the C grade is a pretty reliable indicator that the movie will have a steep dropoff in its grosses in the weeks to come.

In the run-up to the film's opening, Shyamalan has been talking about quickly getting to work on a sequel, but if I were him, I'd be keeping my options open. This movie, to quote one of my father's favorite expressions, looks like a dog that won't hunt.

Photo: Director M. Night Shyamalan with actor Noah Ringer in New York after the world premiere of "The Last Airbender." Credit: Dave Allocca / Associated Press / StarPix

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Don't know why anyone would finance this guy. His last few films burned. The Happening was a complete waist of resources, I kept asking myself "what's happening"? and the answer never really came. The bolder statement would be, "what happened" to this 6th sense director? Apparently he lost his other 5 & can't direct anymore!?!?!?

Several people I know walked out on the Happening. I think most will watch this latest effort to it's conclusion, but in the end, another bad Night. if you take my meaning........

I liked this movie, I think a lot of people are being to hard on M. Night when it's his first stab at a children's movie.

I enjoyed the movie.

The Water nation embodied Taoism and Buddhism

The Fire nation was Chrisitianity/Judaism/Islam

Poking holes in other people's beliefs is wrong and not the way of any religion.

Airbender's message: STOP PROSELTYZING, YOU FOOLS!

Readers and critics agree. This article sucks. I saw TLA. It was quite good. Got the essense of the cartoon. Dont listen to all these critcs. They are on a band wagon of bashing. They all say the same things. Its like they just took the bases of every critcal article out there and put some of there own words to make it "their own". I have never been more shocked at the critical world over this movie. It has just taught me a lesson to see and judge for myself.

The movie is really unwatchable because of the horrible editing, pacing and dialogue. Anything related to the plot, seems to be presented/said at random, and several times a character will awkwardly blurt out his/her character's background story for no reason at all, one even asks a random person "Tell me what you know about [me]."! The movie is all over the place. At one point the main characters are in one place and in the next scene they have magically appeared somewhere else, really.

As for the acting, I thought only the role of Aang (Noah Ringer) was done ok, though the dialogue was honestly so bad that I think everyone was at a loss. Also, Aang has the complete opposite personality of his cartoon counterpart, we never see him act like a child, basically.

And for an action film the action is very lacking, and when there is any, it's pretty boring.

I thought the effects are good, though. However, all you'll really be looking at is lots and lots of CG water and maybe a giant rock, or two..and a shadowy dragon. Also, the movie is extremely dim nearly the entire duration for some reason.

An entire seasons worth of source material from the cartoon series is very unsuccessfully crammed into a 1hr 43min movie, so the people who haven't watched the cartoon will have a very hard time understanding what is happening and why it's happening. Does not do the source material justice at all and as a movie itself is nonsensical, boring, and tiring.

My son and I watch this show together so we have been waiting for the movie. Nicktoons had this 15 minute behind the scenes with M. Night and when he said that he changed the pronunciation of Aang and some of the other characters to the correct Asian pronunciation, I thought oh no. So Aang and Sokka all of a sudden had new names. That is just stupid. Annoyed me every time someone said their names. This movie needed to be over 2 hours if he was going to cover all of book 1 with all 20 chapters and do the story any justice. He didn't develop the characters enough to care about them or their relationships. There was no build up. I don't think Dev Patel did a bad acting job as Zuko and the effects and fighting aren't that bad. But where is the heart of the story, there isn't any flow. I think if you aren't familiar with the cartoon, you would be totally lost and wonder what the heck was going on. My 7 year old's review is that it was boring but the fighting was cool.

Years ago, some dolt from Time Magazine proclaimed M Night "the next Spielberg". This was two pictures out from "6th Sense".

Wow, really? Even back in the day, it was pretty clear the Night was a one-off, one-trick pony, and certainly no Steve Spielberg.

And yet, execs continue to pray, pray, pray for another "6th Sense" outta the guy. Almost funny.

Keep praying, suits.

The Hollywood studio system is a dinosaur sitting at the edge of a tar pit. It would take only a shove...

And that shove is coming in the form of digital distribution, superb home delivery systems, and so on.

This movie was HORRIBLE. Seriously horrible. I tried to keep complaining minimal since my boyfriend paid. And I want to spread the word, because I was pretty excited about the movie. I love the show- it's inspiring, funny, and definitely addicting. But the movie, omg. I just wanted it not to suck, but it kept letting me down. The acting sucks. I am pretty sure my friends and I could do better. And the directing was horrible. I think the best acting I saw was a random extra. I mean wow. It was painful. And I dread how many people will who never watched the show will think I am a total loser if they only see the movie for like the show.
I'm never going to watch another M. Night Schmuck movie again.I should have listened to my gut and taken a refund after a few minutes. Btw, how annoying was it that they mispronounced AVATER, EENG and SOKA??? Arg.

IF you had any respect for the cartoon series- an those who haven't "actually watched it" or if its been over a year since you've watched the full thing, then you have no say in how good this movie is. I watched the entire series last week so i can catch up on what i lost over time separated from the cartoons details.. This movie is a freaking insult to all the work nickelodeon had in the cartoon. Even the books were better than the movie. The Actors, to put it nicely, SUCKED! This was a Japanese my friend, not meant cast full of Indian actors(who ur friends with)- who also could not act even closely to how there parts were meant. They had no expression or consideration for their roles and with that it gave no meaning to the audience for how they were "meant" to be portrayed. Yes of course those who haven't taken the time to watch some or even any of the cartoon will like this. But im sure i speak for all who have watched the entire series that kept them so interested they keep watching reruns, that this movie is F.U.B.A.R . To Quote someone below "Nicktoons had this 15 minute behind the scenes with M. Night and when he said that he changed the pronunciation of Aang and some of the other characters to the correct Asian pronunciation, I thought oh no." They had it for over a year you incompetent douche bag. DONT CHANGE WHAT HAS BEEN GOING AWESOME FOR A YEAR!!! M. Knight has destroyed Avatar:The last air benders reputation with this crap move.... Oh and its no longer 6... its at 2.8.... not EVEN close to a C...its an F. I want you to keep this post because it makes more since than anything anyone else with say! This should go out to the world!

I thought that THE LAST AIRBENDER was awesome. A little rush, I'll grant the critic that but it did pick the best moments of the first season and put together in such away that made the whole thing flow.

I thought that the casting was amazing and in terms of the dialogue, well the show is that cheezy so I thought that they captured its essence completly.

I also went to see it with a friend who had NEVER seen the series before and she wasn't lost at fact she's willing to go and WATCH the series because she was so entranced.

So yeah, I loved it. I give it four stars out of five (would have been five but like I said it was a teeny bit rushed) and I'll be patiently awaiting the sequel.

Anyone who said this movie was good either didn't actually see the movie, or were incredibly intoxicated.

The acting in this movie was just, for lack of a better term, hilarious. The script and the directing were also quite awful. The special effects, however, were very cool and fun to watch. The 3D aspect could have been used a lot more, but that should be the least of Paramount's worries. Constant chuckles throughout the movie at overly cheesy attempts at drama drowned out the changing accents of every single awful actor. There is not enough bad things I can say about this. This may be, in fact, the worst movie I have ever seen. I came into this film expecting and hoping for it to be great because I knew, and liked, the plot. If this film had been defined as a comedy, it would have been more accurate.

I will say my very first point again. Anyone who thinks this movie taught them life lessons or was representing religion must have been wasted watching this movie. Yes, you can bend it and twist it any way you want to in order to represent whatever you please. However, at the end of the day, it was one of the worst movies of all times.

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