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BP's Tony Hayward: Time for your Hollywood closeup


OK, he's actually a pretty suave-looking guy for a slippery oil baron, but if Hollywood ever gets around to making its gulf oil spill disaster movie, I think that there's one man born to play Tony Hayward.

Let's see if I can lay out his credentials for the acting gig: He's got plenty of experience playing real-life, not entirely likable, powerful players on the world stage; he's British, so no upper-class posh accent training required; he's already played a character who's actually more obnoxious than Hayward (the legendary British soccer coach Brian Clough) and, oh yes, he's pretty much of a Separated-At-Birth-style dead ringer for the guy. He is...

Michael_sheen Michael Sheen, of course. What do you think?

Photos, from top: Tony Hayward appearing on a BBC interview program last week. Credit: Jeff Overs / Reuters; Michael Sheen playing Tony Blair in HBO's "The Special Relationship." Credit: Nicola Dove / HBO/MCT 

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Pretty frickin' eerie...

So glad someone noticed this besides me. The minute I saw Tony Hayward I noticed the striking resemblance to Michael Sheen. Surely if anyone is ever cast to play Mr. Hayward, Mr. Sheen would be the obvious choice.

Just like Lisa Y. I noticed Haywards resemblance to Michael Sheen the minute I saw him, although Haywards voice is a little deeper than Michaels. Something tells me that HBO is going to make a film about the oil spill and Michael Sheen will be the first choice to play that SOB.

The only other person I could see playing him would be Colin Firth, but I'd go with Michael.


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