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The early 'Sex and the City 2' reviews are really, REALLY bad

Sex_city Ouch!

No one's saying that "Sex and the City 2" won't be filling up the Warner Bros. coffers when it hits the theaters this weekend, but oh boy are the early reviews bad.

As in so bad that, as of right now, the film has a zero fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, meaning that not one good review has even posted yet. That number will surely go up, since it can't exactly go down any farther, but I'm betting that "Sex 2" will be in the running for one of the worst reviewed films of the year.

In his just-published withering review, New York magazine's David Edelstein called the movie "an epic eyesore," saying that "the most depressing thing about 'Sex and the City 2' is that it seems to justify every nasty thing said and written about the series and the first feature film." It sounds like writer-director Michael Patrick King aimed for high (or maybe low) camp: "The thinking behind the movie is undisguised," writes Edelstein. "Let's start with an over-the-top gay wedding! Then we'll send the girls to Abu Dhabi so then can rile up the fundamentalists with their sexuality! ... Won't they look great swishing around the desert being waited on by smooth young Arab men?"

But to hear Edelstein tell it, the film's starlets come out looking the worst, saying that the cinematographer lit Sarah Jessica Parker in a way that simply brings out "the leatheriness of her skin" while Kim Cattrall "is costumed to look like a cross between (late) Mae West and (dead) Bea Arthur."

He concludes by saying: "For all the sniggery double entendres, virtually all of 'Sex and the City 2' is a pale shade of vanilla." And that's one of the nicest reviews that I've read so far. I think that if I need to see a movie this weekend, I'll check out "Babies." At least no one can claim that its cinematographer made his stars look bad.

Photo: from left, Cynthia Nixon, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall and Kristin Davis in "Sex and the City 2." Credit: Warner Bros. Films

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OK! I'm pretty upset that your making the movie sound like it sucks. For exsample: I really wanted to go see it in theaters. Now I'm thinking maybe I should save an argument with my boyfriend and money! And why would I do that when I've loved the whole sex and the city thing sense it came out! Gosh you should of let me be disapointed if it is bad and millions of other fans that won't see it because of it!
P.S. I'm still going to go see it just because no one else is now.

"Then we'll send the girls to Abu Dhabi so then can rile up the fundamentalists with their sexuality! ... Won't they look great swishing around the desert being waited on by smooth young Arab men?"

Oh oh, I feel another Al Qaeda strike coming on. As if they don't hate us enough already.

Why isn't this movie in 3D? They have other movies with animals in 3D - i.e. HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON and SHREK (the donkey and cat).

Sarah looks like a horse, so they should have made it in 3D, or at least convert it. Hello CLASH made a crapload of money. I would have paid extra to see Parker's leather skin in 3D. Wouldn't you? Hopefully the sequel will be SEX AND THE CITY 3D and be set in a geriatric home.

I can't see how anyone would be surprised by these reports. From the poster, which looks like it was rendered by a squadron of airbrush artists (I don't think Kim Cattrall looked THAT young when she WAS that young), to the stupidity of sending the quartet out to the desert, coupled with the rapidly-diminishing audience for this treacle....I predict many Razzie nominations and lots of sitcom pilots for each of the leads in the very near future. At least Chris Noth still has "The Good Wife."

Still going to see it coz I love my girls and they make me feel good..
Tha's what it's about right?

C'mon, cut the Golden Girls some slack. After all, they are hitting retirement age. After this comedy flick, they'll be free to drink all the prune juice they want and enjoy nice, relaxing evenings at Coco's restaurants. Sarah J is a mature gentle. She's no longer racing these days.

When did it become okay, to insult and take cheap shots about how old "women actors" look on screen. Check David Edelstein's reviews, do you think that he will make negative remarks about how old a male actor looks-of course not. Seems to me that when you hit below the belt in that way, it is because you simply are unable to find the words to write a worthwhile review. If you take a look at all of the reviewers most are men and I for one am frustrated with the sexist, and biased attacks on women actors. I will see Sex and the City 2 and my hope is that it will make huge amounts of money, that will shut up these biased insulting reviewers.

Vickie, this is a movie that's marketed on how attractive its cast is supposed to be. One of the main plot points throughout the series was how sexually active Kim C.'s character was, and Sarah Jessica Parker's "Carrie" was supposed to be a young woman in NYC trying to find love. A decade down the line, now, and Kim C's character appears to be entirely CGI, at least in the movie posters, and Sarah Jessica Parker's no longer youthful. (Frankly, SJP hasn't been "youthful" since her appearance in Steve Martin's "L.A. Story," and wasn't that about 20 years ago?) Kristin Davis is the only cast member who's still attractive.

All the real negative reviews are from dumb ass guys who don't like show in the first place. I'm sorry there wasn't anything being blown up or people being shot. Blood and guts everywhere. Please go see MacGruber.

Sure it wasn't a very good film, but why can't you just say you don't like chick flicks and stop knocking how the women looked? Geez like YOU would look so great on screen. I saw the movie today. Was it the best S&TC? Nope. Was it over the top? Yes. Was it as bad as the crap they put out in the last few years like Hostel, The Saw movies, or the Last House On The Left? NOPE. You WISH you looked like Kim Catrall at her age. So give it up.

Sex and the City 2 was an absolutely fun movie although it could have been cut a bit shorter. Kim Cattrall looked great and she was hilarious. There was a scene where she did not appear to have make up on and I thought she looked fabulous. I liked that the movie dealt with issues of marriage, menopause and children. That's life. Not everyone wants to see dating movies. I liked the series because it was in NYC and I hope they'll film in and around the city for 3.

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