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Is the Lakers' Ron Artest crazy? Or 'Crazy' like a fox?

April 6, 2010 |  4:10 pm

There aren't many reality TV shows I can honestly say that I'm looking forward to seeing, but if it's true, according to this Hollywood Reporter post, that Lakers forward Ron Artest is going the reality TV route, I'm all in.

Artest If nothing else, you gotta' love the show's title. I guess when you've been in the thick of the most infamous brawl in NBA history (which earned him a whopping 73-game suspension), acknowledged drinking cognac in the Chicago Bulls locker room at halftime and once shown up for an Indiana Pacers practice wearing a bathrobe, you've truly got a claim on the title "They Call Me Crazy."

What's even better, E1 Entertainment, which will co-produce and broadcast the show, is saying that Artest wanted to do the series to "make amends for past transgressions," which surely means that he's been feeling bad all these years about the whole bathrobe thing. "I'm really excited to have the opportunity to invite people into my world to see the real me, and show them there are many more sides to the Ron Artest they see on the basketball court," said Artest, adding that he hopes the show will allow people to "learn from the mistakes I've made."

Of course, since Artest has a hip-hop label that is looking to develop new musicians, I'm guessing the show will also allow people to see the vast talents many of his new musical discoveries have. All in all, it should be an experience worth waiting for, if for no other reason than to see, when we get the obligatory tour of his spacious L.A. home, if Artest still has an impressive collection of bathrobes.

Photo of Ron Artest by Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times