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Could Diane Keaton be typing TOLDJA! for HBO's new 'Tilda' series?

April 13, 2010 | 12:47 pm

On the showbiz gossip scene, nothing has been whispered about more in recent months than the news that HBO is preparing to launch "Tilda." It's a comedy series cooked up by Bill Condon ("Dreamgirls") and Cynthia Mort (HBO's "Tell Me You Love Me") that's about an all-powerful, much-feared and loathed Hollywood blogger who never leaves her house -- in other words, it could just possibly be based a teeny bit on the online escapades of Deadline's own not-always-so-easy-to-adore-but-hard-to-ignore Nikki Finke.

Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello is now reporting that Diane Keaton is "circling" the role, which would, if nothing else, score HBO a top acting name for its new series. No one at HBO is confirming the possible casting coup. If it turns out that Keaton doesn't take the gig, I'm still hopeful that my first choice -- Glenn Close -- would get some serious consideration, since she seems so right for the part, having always been talked about as the perfect Norma Desmond for the long-rumored Hollywood remake of "Sunset Boulevard." Close already played her in the musical version of the movie so you know she has the pipes to holler out TOLDJA! in perfect harmony.

Other names come to mind who could class up the part: Annette Bening would probably be a nice choice too. And there's always Betty White (OK, just kidding). But if anyone has some shrewd casting ideas, please share them with us. This is a show that, for oh so many reasons, we can't wait to see.