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Conservatives say they have to 'talk in whispers' in liberal Hollywood

Janine_turner If you are a devoted reader of Andrew Breitbart's ultra-conservative Big Hollywood website, as I am, you'd think that the world as we know it is surely coming to an end, being turned into a hideously ever-shrinking black hole by Hollywood liberals and their fellow travelers.

The site is chock-full of posts lambasting liberal film critics for not liking vigilante movies, decrying the "gutless" Comedy Central for editing out any references to the prophet Muhammad in "South Park," mocking global warming activists, getting into a tizzy for weeks on end about Tom Hanks' elitist, anti-American view of American history and, of course, celebrating Sarah Palin at every turn. My favorite recent headline  -- and I've linked to it, just in case you thought I made this up -- was "Is James Cameron a Genocidal Maniac?"  

One of Big Hollywood's pet causes is promoting the notion that if you're a conservative, working in liberal Hollywood is like trying to survive in an oppressive gulag-like Soviet state where everyone has to conform to a rigidly controlled form of liberal political thinking. The site features an interview with "Northern Exposure" actress Janine Turner, who's launching a new organization, Constituting America, where she contends that "it's hard for conservatives in Hollywood because they're afraid to step out. Because when they do, there could be repercussions where they don't have work, and that can mean -- I think there are a lot of conservatives in Hollywood ... [but] no one is really willing to take the first step. And I don't blame them. I mean, it's affected my career too. And I think it’s hard ... when you step out as a conservative, it’s just such a – the environment is very left, very, very different to our type of environment.”

Mystery novelist and screenwriter Andrew Klavan, a leading conservative activist, put it more bluntly: "There's a culture in Hollywood where if you're a left-winger, you can talk very openly.... If you go in to sell something, you can make anti-American, anti-military, anti-religious remarks, but I'm the kind of guy who's going to say, 'No, I disagree.' But that's pretty much the end of my sale. Whereas, if you're a conservative, especially if you're a religious person, people like that meet in secret, talk in whispers. It's a very disturbing kind of culture."

Being a Jew who grew up in the South, I sympathize with all oppressed minorities, but I think that conservatives need to get a grip here. Yes, Hollywood is lousy with liberals -- they're everywhere. That's a given, OK, just like where my family comes from, there's a Baptist church on every block. But where's the evidence that conservatives are denied jobs because of their political beliefs? For all the vague charges being bandied about, I've never heard any specific examples of suppression in action. If you're a conservative and can offer me chapter and verse, I will be happy to take up your cause.

And I will do the same for any liberals who can support their claim that they've been denied work in talk radio simply because it happens to be dominated by, ahem, a lot of moral absolutist conservatives. In both cases, I suspect that each field has strong political leanings because of greater cultural forces at work, not because of bias. But if you think you can prove me wrong, have at it.  


Photo: Janine Turner in the 1999 Lifetime drama "Barbara Taylor Bradford's A Secret Affair." Credit: Justin Canning / Lifetime

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I just don't buy Janine Turner's (or anyone else's for that manner) argument that being conservative in Hollywood has cost her and others work. Bruce Willis is a huge Republican who is not bashful about whom he supports and despite all the mediocre films he is in, continuously works. Jon Voight and James Woods, who at one time were both considered thoughtful, progressive people but who are now conservative in their old age (not to mention goofy as hell), are constantly working and are as ubiquitous as herpes. Even Kelsey Grammer, who keeps doing variations of Frazier Crain over and over and over again continually gets the green light on new series. The bottom line in L.A., New York, Toronto and Vancouver for producers is, will adding Jon Voight or Janine Turner help me to achieve my bottom line of selling my product be it a feature or series episode. Hollywood is "simply green" as Kermit the Frog would say - only it's money, not the environment.

Jesus was a Liberal!

Liberalism is truly a mental disorder! Take a peek at Sean Penn!

Does anyone EVER get told why they didn't get a job? Especially in Hollywood? Of course not. This is Hollywood folks, come on...

Have I, a conservative in Hollywood lost work because of my views? Yes, I can unequivocally say I have. I add, however, I'm better off not having taken a job in a company who empowers the kind of person who would deny my employment simply because of my political and/or religious beliefs. More to the point, that company is far poorer for missing out on MY services, and hiring a less qualified person who happened to parrot their beliefs.

Boo freakin' hoo. Stop whining and grow a pair. If you believe in your cause, you shouldn't be intimidated or scared to voice your opinion regardless of the consequences, you cry baby conservatives.

Oh what a bunch of horse manure. Truly. Like Robert Downey Jr. (who was an attendee at the 2010 Republican Convention) is hurting for work. Like Kelsey Grammer (another very conservative Republican) is sleeping in the streets because he can't find work. Janine Turner has been working steadily since her "China Beach" days. Jon Voight has been working during his years in Hollywood even if he is a right-wing conservative. The fact that I would consider him a train wreck may have more to do with his not working as much as he would like.

Not once. And I do mean not once. Has anyone in these articles, blogs and so forth been able to document that they were denied a job because of their political affiliations. Not one. And documentation is what stands up in court and in the arena of public opinion. People can rant and rave all they like...until they can provide evidence to back up their rantings...all they're truly doing is whining. And whining is about as useful as passing gas downwind from a field full of grazing cows as they say in New England. Peace.

Hollywood is about dramatic art.
Dramatic Art is about learning and growing through change.
Conservativism is about not changing.
What the hell are conservatives doing in Hollywood?

When conservative Patricia Heaton makes the decision to be spokesperson for Albertson's during the grocery strike that screwed entry level workers out of a living wage, she makes watching "The Middle" and supporting her career a political statement.

Liberals aren't denied work in talk radio because they are liberals, it's just that outside of NPR (a large percent paid for with tax payer's dollars) how many shows can you have about how to cook Sasafras soup and when's the best time to plant tulips all while using your 'library' voice.

Liberals have virtually nothing to say that a significant portion of the listening audience can't already hear 24/7 on the Major Media outlets.

Welcome to my world. 30 years in the bible belt of conservativism, the central valley of Ca. Everyone just assumes your a conservative here. I love it when they start spouting their Rush crap and you come back with facts. Fact is, there is nothing wrong with being right or left. To bad most people don't get that. Get over the demonizing, get over the rewriting of history, and "Why can't we just all get along." How's that for being liberal.

I don't remember conservatives ever being blacklisted. It was the liberals who were denied jobs and their careers ruined. It is the same conservative persecution complex that the majority Christian always peddle. What a bunch of cry babies - nobody likes me boohoo. Maybe nobody wants to work with them because they are jerks.

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