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Forget 'Cop Out': Bruce Willis runs and guns in new Gorillaz video

If you couldn't get enough of Bruce Willis roughing up suspects and blowing up bad guys in "Cop Out" last weekend, then you'll definitely want to see Hollywood's leading man of few expressions duking it out with the Gorillaz in their new music video. I'm guessing that one of Willis' kids must be a big Gorillaz fan, since it's hard to imagine why else he would have taken the time to play a fast-driving tough guy in the group's new clip for "Stylo," which features guest vocals by Mos Def and the legendary soul man Bobby Womack.

Brucewillis As for the video, it's a standard "Fast and Furious"-style rip-off, with the Gorillaz roaring down a piece of Mojave desert two-lane blacktop, being chased first by a fat highway patrolman and then by Willis himself. It's not exactly an academy-style performance, with Willis, wearing a white T-shirt and black leather jacket, staring balefully at the camera, tossing his chewing gum out the window and firing away with a big ole "Dirty Harry"-style pistol. The video has one big-time action shot, with a car flying through a roadside billboard. Otherwise it's pretty standard hard-driving man fare. 

If you really want to see a fun car chase, you'll have to see "Cop Out," which has offers a high-speed chase scene through a cemetery, which isn't something you can see every day. The Gorillaz have disabled their YouTube link, so you'll have to go here to see the clip for yourself. The group's new album, "Plastic Beach," is available this month.


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Photo: Bruce Willis. Credit: Peter Karmer / Associated Press.

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I didn’t know Harry Morgan was still doing action movies. I thought he retired.

.."which has offers a high speed chase" It's really sad that just anyone can write for a newspaper these days.. the death of journalism as we know it is upon us

Random observation: it seems weird to pass off his involvement in the music video as a joke about his kids' musical interests - there can't be that much of a generation as far as the Gorillaz' appeal goes, can there? Maybe he's a legit fan himself. Well, it's speculation either way, I guess.

umm... a rip off of the fast and the furious?

more like a homage to Mad Max... even Albarn said that... you should probably change your article so you don't sound stupid

I am interested to know how Bruce got connected with the Gorillaz as well. And, bjoseph said it right, Mad Max, that was the very first thing I thought of and compared it to the whole time watching. Fast and Furious was a lame approach of redoing Point Break but with cars and thugs. Nothing about open roads and people with apparent mental problems. Sweet Vid.

It really kind of reminded me of Death Proof. Didn't really see the Fast and the Furious connection. I really didn't see the Mad Max thing either.

Why would i want to see this movie with this ugly fat black guy, not even funny? just like precious and blind side, really some repulsive movies out there lately. go see AVATAR.

Who cares about all that? The video is awesome and the song freakin' rocks.


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