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James Cameron on Glenn Beck: 'His ideas are poisonous'

You gotta love James Cameron.

He never backs down from a fight. After firing off a bunch of rounds against 3-D conversions, basically calling them hack work, he still had enough ammo left to turn his sights toward the blackboard-wielding Fox News commentator Glenn Beck, who's had it in for Cameron ever since the filmmaker made the 2007 documentary "The Lost Tomb of Jesus." Beck, then at CNN, dismissed the documentary by saying, "Many people believe James Cameron officially has tossed his hat in the ring today and is officially running for anti-Christ."

Cameron According to this Hollywood Reporter post recounting a news conference that was held Tuesday to promote the DVD release of "Avatar," slated for Earth Day, Cameron finally returned fire, unleashing a profanity-laced tirade against Beck, calling him a "madman" along with other words I can't reprint here. Cameron said Beck was dangerous "because his ideas are poisonous," and challenged Beck to debate him on environmental issues. 

Cameron was still seething over right-wing attacks on "Avatar," which many conservatives mocked for its earnest pro-environment message and anti-military views. Cameron dismissed the attacks, saying, "They're just people ranting away, lost in their little bubbles of reality, steeped in their own hatred, their own fear and hatred. That's where it all comes from."

As for people who don't believe in global warming, Cameron added: "I want to call those deniers out into the street at high noon and shoot it out with those boneheads .... Anybody that is a global warming denier at this point in time has got their head so deeply up their [expletive] I'm not sure they could hear me."

This is just a hunch, but I think that if Cameron had been running last December's climate change conference in Copenhagen, he could have knocked a few heads together and the assembled nations would've gotten a lot more accomplished. Maybe the U.N. could make Cameron an ambassador-at-large, in charge of keeping rogue nations in line. I mean, Glenn Beck is just too easy a target. I think Cameron needs a more formidable adversary.

What do you think? I'm betting that if we sent Cameron to Iran, he could knock out their nuclear arms program in three weeks flat. Any takers?


James Cameron vs. Glenn Beck: Is the director making a bid for a cable-news show?

Photo: James Cameron. Credit: Joshua Gates Weisberg / EPA.

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Beck is an idiot and those who listen to, and believe, his foolish, hate-filled rhetoric are to be pitied for the morons they are. Intellegent,thinking citzens should feel sorry for these fools and ignore their irrelevant rants, as we would an addled child or a chronic drunk. Cameron has damaged his credibility by addressing the taunts of this poor excuse of a man.

“So there you have it, Mr. Allen. I ask you again, who are the greater criminals, the commercial interests who have all but destroyed our ecosystems, or the young people who call themselves the Defenders of the Planet? Who has the purest motives — businessmen who thrive on greed and profit, or people acting upon their ideals to help their fellow man, the earth, and other living beings?”

Allen sat there staring at Jonathan Holmes. He couldn’t exactly respond to the question.

“Dr. Holmes, if everything you say is true, then what should Americans be doing right now?”

Holmes smiled and sipped his tea. “That’s easy,” he said bitterly. “They should do what they should have been doing for the past thirty or forty years!”

“We have passed many laws preventing pollution, especially air pollution.”

Holmes looked into Allen’s eyes, his face contorted into a pronounced frown. “Your attempts at stopping pollution have been halfhearted at best,” Holmes said. “For instance, your Congress has never passed a law which effectively stopped pollution. It’s because of the way they approach the problem. It’s their attitude.”

“Can you explain what you mean by that?” Allen asked.

Holmes smiled. “Let me give you an analogy. Suppose there is an apartment building housing several hundred people, including lots of children. Right next to the apartment building is a big swimming pool where all the children swim. Now, next to the swimming pool is a bar where men go and drink. Let’s say for the sake of argument there are one hundred men. After they have plenty to drink, they are allowed to go over to the swimming pool and urinate in it.”

Holmes grinned broadly. “Preposterous idea, isn’t it? But, that’s what the polluters do in real life. They piss on everything, except it isn’t just urine; it’s chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, radiation, or whatever! Now then, back to my analogy.

“Along comes the U.S. Congress and they decide this urinating in the swimming pool isn’t healthy. After all, it might make the children sick. So, they pass a law to alleviate the situation. But they don’t want to hurt the bar business next door, so the law is written so that not all one hundred men can still urinate in the swimming pool, but instead, only fifty are allowed to continue to urinate. They’ll just add lots of chlorine to take away the smell. They don’t bother stopping the pissing in the swimming pool. Ridiculous isn’t it? I mean, everyone ought to be able to see that no one should be allowed to urinate in that swimming pool. But, that’s the way the U.S. Congress operates.

“You see, the lawmaker’s approach is to compromise. In real life, they compromise with everybody to make everybody happy, the oil and chemical companies, big business, utilities, environmentalists and everybody else.

“Do you see the danger in that approach, Mr. Allen? Because the earth is a small, fragile planet, there can be no compromise. All this compromising over the years has caught up to us. The earth is just like that swimming pool, only it’s obviously much bigger. But then again, the relative pollution is also greater. We don’t have one hundred men pissing on the earth. We have hundreds of countries and hundreds of industries all emitting several hundred billion tons of pollutants each and every year. And the earth can’t take it anymore.”

From Hot Planet

All you Glenn Beck fans - it is time to put up or shut up (maybe super glue would work) - contact Becky and have him debate Jimmy Boy. I doubt he has the walnuts to do it.

Of course Cameron is right. The anti- Cameron comments here prove just how
many "Green Day Style American Idiots" there are in this country (bet they don't know who Green Day is on top of it). REALLY pathetic. How many europeans, canadians, australians, europeans or other people in the "industrial world" don't believe in global warming (man made on top of it)- or evolution? -precious few that's how many. To quote Strother Martin in "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid": "Morons!- I've got morons on my team !!". These "willfully uniformed and liking it that way -as their right as 'free americans' " muleheads (or in Palin's case "moosehead") are like an albatross around the neck of this country. Yep, pathetic alright-and "Only in America".

James is a nut. Global warming! Get real. I bet he hopes Obama will pass the carbon credit bill. That way he can open a buisness in china and sell credits back to America.This is a money making hoax. The world goes thru cycles. There was years there was life then total death. Besides the ones that belive the lies and money making BS, could do there part. Dont drive,fly in an airplane, dont by canned food,ect. Sounds about as silly to me as the people that backed the false reports to scam more money.

JAMES CAMERON ROCKS!!!glen beck should be deported for stupidity!!!!!!!

Was no one reading what it says above the comment box? That no one under the age of 13 can participate in the message boards. Comments are moderated? Are you sure?

Beck is in fact poisonius. There are crazy people who watch tv, you know? Beck does it for money too and he does NOTHING for the planet!

Cameron makes second rate movies and is THE ass****? Yeah and I'm the qreen of England!

Glenn Beck actually said that "Obama has a deep-seated hatred of white people". I guess he hates half of himself??

What a shame Cameron is making such a fortune OFF the environment.... just follow the money and it tells the tale. Thank GOD for Glenn Beck and his staff, at least they tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth with evidence and fact; not just mouthing off.

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